Monday, September 8, 2014

When Selfies Go Wrong

So I have been getting a lot of questions about my selfies. One of the most surprising questions came from my best friend Vicky. She asked honestly if I took the selfies while I was driving because they are usually in my car. The answer is NO, I NEVER take them when driving. Once in awhile I might take one at a stoplight but it's pretty embarrassing to do that and look over and have the car next to you be like with a thought bubble over their head, "You conceited bitch" so I usually take them in my car, BEFORE starting the car. Here is one I really like outside my condo last Sunday.

 I pulled over for this one.
 Some are better than others. It's so damn fun! It's kind of like playing a character.

Another question is "How do you photograph so well"'s really been a process figuring out the best angles and with every good selfie, you better believe I took at least 5-6 bad angles before choosing the angle I like. It's been hard lately not to get too repetitive. It's like, OK, we know you look cute with your head cocked. The head cocking is a good angle, but sometimes, it doesn't turn out so well. It kind of looks like I broke my neck.

So, if you ever need advice on if your selfie is good before posting, shoot it to me. I have taken some beasts before. It really does take practice. Totally go for it though because it's a lot of fun!!

Here are some examples of what NOT to do. I am just going to say, bathroom selfies are usually NEVER a good idea. Sometimes I will take them in my bathroom but for the love of God, don't take one while sitting on the toilet.

Or worse yet, after you have taken a dump.

Here is another example of a bad mirror use. #ohdeargod

Make it stop.

Guys, here is a tip. Don't take selfies is anyone is also peeing in the same room with you.

There is also a respectable time and place for selfies. How about maybe not your GRANDMA'S FUNERAL.

This is definitely Mom of the year.


Don't have your toddler take selfies of you.

 Or Grandma.

Also use common sense when Photoshopping.

If you are going to try and get a "girl next door" cute selfie, maybe put away the FOOT LONG BLACK DILDO on your nightstand.

And if you look like this, just stop taking selfies. Like never, ever, again.

Last but not least is one of my favorite selfies GONE RIGHT! Check out this OLD SCHOOL SELFIE!

What's your best angle or do you have some awesome crazy selfies to show me? I love them all!!


Friday, August 22, 2014

Bronzed and Beautiful Sunless Studios

Hey All!

One of my favorite things EVER is hard working women. I am a hard working woman and it's not easy out there. That's why I absolutely love to celebrate and acknowledge all the hard working women out there doing the dang thing, especially the ones with kiddos! 

My friend Casie just opened a great tanning salon THREE STORES down from my doll shop on Broadway! It's super exciting! Cassie and I used to get into all kinds of trouble when we were kids, playing in our parents antique stores. Now, we are still trouble, but we are a little bigger :)

I LOVE SPRAY TANS! They are super fun and change your whole look. If you have never tried one, you have to try it just once.

Cassie's place is super cute. She has her own mini storefront right in her Dad's store which is Corky's Antiques on 1449 South Broadway.

Inside I love her color scheme! Turquoise and hot pink!

So Casie has a great formula that she customizes each spray tan to your individual needs.If you have never done a spray tan because you are afraid of looking like this:

 Or this.
Don't worry!! Casie's are SUPER NATURAL looking. In fact, not one person has said, "Oh nice spray tan". If people say that, it's probably not a good thing. People are saying to me, "You look so healthy". "You are glowing" "You look relaxed", etc. Now THAT is a good thing. Her spray tans give you that little extra kick and glow that makes you look naturally glowing and beautiful.


It's super nice to have it two door down from me. I can just walk in! The first time I went, it started raining! AAHHH! So I totally put on a trash bag and walked down Broadway. I was a BAG LADY ON BROADWAY!!

I love the tans for my Coors Gigs!

Go see Casie! She just opened a couple weeks ago. Her salon is totally adorable and she is such a bad ass. I just love her! Here she is with her Dad, Corky, on her wedding day. SCHMER!!!

Bronzed and Beautiful Studios is at 1447 South Broadway! Follow her on Facebook!

If you mention my blog, you get a special price on your first tan!! She also has a referral program if you refer your friends! I can't wait to see your healthy glows!!


Saturday, August 2, 2014

Come to the Antique Row Neighborhood Block Party!!

Hey All!

My project for the last few months has been the Antique Row Neighborhood Block Party this coming Saturday, August 9th! I am the president of Antique Row and it's an organization focused on the preservation and conservation and education of antiques and culture!!

Its a great organization made up of all local business on South Broadway!

Next Saturday is the Antique Row Neighborhood Block Party!!

We have SO much going on and it's going to be super fun!

Do you have something you have always wanted to know about? Bring a canned food donation and get a free verbal appraisal from these quality appraisers!!

For the antique car lover, there is going to be a car show in the Turn of the Century Antiques lot, promoted and organized by my Brother, Darrel!

For the Art lover, there will be a LIVE mural painting at La Cour Bistro from 4:30-7PM by legend in the mural world, Patrick Kane McGregor!! He did the painting of Audry on the front of my antique store. Patrick is AMAZING - and his Bulldog Boug is pretty epic, too.

Dinosaur Ridge will be there with "Huey" the dinosaur and fossils to educate children and adults alike!! We will have a gift card raffle from Antique Row restaurants benefiting them!

There is a outdoor market, a water park for the kids at Adelita's Mexican Restaurant, face painting, a beer and braut garden at Black Crown Lounge and Accents, and SO SO much more!

Come out and see what South Broadway has to offer!!


Wednesday, June 11, 2014

La Cour French Bistro & Art Bar!

Hey Guys!!

I want to tell you about a cute place that opened up on South Broadway's Antique Row called La Cour! It's a French Bistro and Art Bar! I tell people it's like "eating dinner in a French Art Gallery". They opened up this year and I love that they are on Antique Row!

The Monley family and friends, with members who live in Denver and in Paris, decided to share their love affair with France -- and the way that fine food, drink and art can elevate a person’s senses by opening La Cour! 

They have revolving art gallery pieces and do a monthly live urban art mural painting outside which will be done THIS SUNDAY!

They have a beautiful place inside and a nice outdoor patio. Here is their menu!

Their happy hour menu is super affordable and they have some delicious drinks!

My friends at La Cour offered my blog readers a good deal! Spend $10.00 and get $10.00 so come and visit them! Just print out my special coupon and go see them. It's super cute!!

1643 South Broadway, Denver, CO 80210

Here is their website!


Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Here's The Thing: I Don't Care.

As anyone who knows me will tell you, my arch nemesis is none other than the Croc. What I enjoy more than anything though is this reputation for hating them. It's so fun! I have said before that Crocs have no business in public and unless you’re wearing them as a gardening shoe or for some other, purely practical reason (I know some people with foot problems find them to be the only shoes they can wear, for instance, and obviously no one’s going to blame them for that), I can see no good side to them. At all. Sure, I’ve heard all of the “but they’re SO! COMFY!” arguments, but here’s the thing: I don’t care.

Because LOTS of shoes are “comfy”, without looking like something the garden gnome just kicked off. FOR EXAMPLE! I own at least five pairs of Sperrys. They are so comfortable, affordable, and fun. My absolutely favorite is the Sperry Pennington Loafer. I have these in hot pink and neon green. #getyousome if you are looking for something fun, upscale, and affordable.

But anyway. This post isn't really about Crocs - it's about these new shoes by Zaha Hadid for Lacoste. They’re leather which is way cooler than plastic. They are ugly but still alluring. I would feel like a super hero.Check these things out! They retail for a cool $850.00

What I DO like about them is that they are a special edition from a series of Architects who designed shoes. That's what's actually interesting about them, they are very artistic. I could actually see these on a wall, just not on a foot. If you have enough money to buy these anyway, consider hiring me as a personal shopper. I can spend your money like an Arab Sheik and you won't look like an escapee from Comic Con.

Have a great Tuesday Lovelies!