Friday, April 3, 2015

What If Antique Dolls Posted On Social Media?!

As you guys know, I work with dolls. I am also pretty highly involved with social media. Sometimes when I am cataloging a doll, I imagine what the doll has experienced in its life - like what would it say if it has an Insta or Facebook account. Here are a couple that have come across my mind in the last few days. This is either a sign I need to take a day off from dolls - OR - I am really tapping into my inner doll appraiser because they are actually SPEAKING to me! (with #hashtags!)

Guuuuuuurl I just got my hair DID! #CantStopWontStop #ShortHairDontCare #loveit #beauty #nofilter #memyselfandi #selfportrait

The dry air in Colorado is making me break out! #UGH #TheStruggleIsReal #FirstWorldProblems

Date night with my #bae! #Friday #weekend #TGIF #DateNight #twerk #epic

I seriously can't wait to wear this dress in Vegas for Laura's bachelorette weekend!! #yolo #TurntUp #livingforthemoment #doingthingswewillregret #crazy #friends

Girl this IS my casual Friday bonnet! #lol #instagood #hot #selfie #style #swag

Loving my new bob haircut! Rocking it #likeaboss #winning#RetroHairThrowback

That #AwkwardMoment when I got mistaken for my husband today. #lifetimemoviesbelike

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

WOW! Look At This Vintage Bob Dylan Poster!

So while organizing the back portion of our antique store this past weekend, I uncovered this awesome vintage Bob Dylan poster. It's from a concert in Greenwich Village, September 19th, 1960. 

This thing has got to be worth a fortune. Look at how distressed the corners are! It's been carefully preserved in this nice frame - professionally mounted. This has got to be worth a lot of money, right?! 
Bob Dylan collectors pay a LOT for posters. 

Well the excitement stops right there because...this is a fake poster. Even though it LOOKS real, smells real, is the real color, the edges are distressed, and it is mounted in a $300.00 mounting job and frame, this puppy is not the real thing. 

How do I know? 

Bob Dylan never performed a concert on September, 19th, 1960 in Greenwich Village. 

In April 1961, Dylan played his first paying gig at Gerde’s Folk City, in Greenwich Village. He didn't become really popular (to have posters made like this one) until around 1964. 

Another telltale sign is that most concert posters don't have the year on them. When you are looking at a music poster on a building or concert venue around town, look next time and see if it has the year on it. Most FAKES, have the year on them. One of the easiest ways to tell a fake poster is to see if the musician actually played a concert on the advertised date and location. It seems pretty self explanatory but you wouldn't believe how many people don't think of this. 

The End.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Appraiser Polish - Wedgwood Pottery

Lately, I have been doing a special trick to learn my antiques...I have been choosing polish that reminds me of a kind of antique that I want to learn more about. 

I choose this polish by Nails, Inc this week because it looks like Wedgwood porcelain.

Josiah Wedgwood and Sons, commonly known as Wedgwood, is a pottery firm. Wedgwood was founded on 1 May 1759 by Josiah Wedgwood and in 1987 merged with Waterford Crystal to create Waterford Wedgwood, an Ireland-based luxury brands group. 

Wedgwood is most famous for their blue and white design – which I LOVE.

The color blocking effect and timeless blue and white is SIMPLE but so vivid and exciting at the same time. I really like the matte finish. It's also somewhat affordable right now - it's also very durable and if you get the earlier pieces, it's really high quality. (Hint - blue is the most common but also my favorite - green is rarer!)

You can find cameos, pendants, and other accessories in this pattern. The neoclassical patterns are really fun and if you look closely, you can see how the Romans lived and get a little peek into history on your vase!

Next time you are out and about, keep your eye out for some of this porcelain. If you need a pop of color in your decor, I highly recommend it.

Friday, March 6, 2015

8 Things People Who Work in the Antique Industry Can't Stand Hearing When You Are In Their Shop

Y'all know I work in the antique industry in sales and as a professional personal property appraiser. I absolutely love my career and so many things about it. It's exciting, interesting, every day is different, and I have met so many amazing people and seen some incredible things over the years...and I am just starting out. I love the history, research, and stories...but there are also some times when I just want to scream - mostly in my shop. 

I am guessing almost anyone in retail customer service can identify with these things that we just can't stand hearing - especially those in the antique industry. If you say any of the following things, you can expect this reaction: 

8) "I am just wasting time." 

I know people don't mean anything by this but you wouldn't believe how many people say it. "Wasting time" just carries a bad oura with it unless you are Dave Matthews saying it and then SWOON. Unless you are Dave, don't say it when sales people are working and come up to help you. Basically anything else is better.

7) "Do you BUY antiques?" 

EVERY TIME I fight the urge to say, "No. We steal them. Or better yet, all these things have been donated to us - do you want to donate something to us, too?!" 

6) "I saw the same one that I have on Pawn Stars, Antiques Roadshow, etc." 

That's awesome for you. Keep in mind - those shows DO accurately represent what the item IS but the values are generally inflated retail prices - like when two people duke it out with the heavens aligned and they just won the lottery kind of prices. They do not give a fair market value - an FMV. That is the price that would happen in a normal day between several sets of people under no compulsion to buy or sell. Kind of like saying, "Oh, that's a good deal, I will take two, thanks!." That is a fair market value.

5) "I am downsizing." 

UGH. It always reminds me of someone on Biggest Loser or something. Generally, nobody ever downsizes something awesome. They are usually downsizing something that is dragging them down, right? Right. People always expect us to do jumping jacks because they are now "downsizing". What happened to UP-SIZING? Come in and tell us you are up-sizing and you might see those jumping jacks. Hell, I would even drop disco balls and bring in the dancing girls for the right "up-size".

4) "I have some junk I want to get rid of." 

When I get one where they actually say "JUNK", I tell them we do have a dumpster out back they can use. Sometimes, people even tell me that they have "had it listed on Craigslist for three months and not one person has called or emailed."  

3) "We already sold all the good stuff at the garage sale." 

People ACTUALLY tell us this on a regular basis. I literally just can't anymore. Not even. CAN'T EVEN. 

2) "Grandma owned it and she was 90 when she died so it has to be old." 

Newsflash! Grandma might have gone shopping when she was 85 or could have been given a gift when she was like 89. Or went to target two weeks before her death. Just because Grandma owned it, doesn't mean it is "antique". Here are some easy tips - if it's microwave safe, or has a UPC code, or a certificate of authenticity from the home shopping network, it's not antique.

1) "Can I see the price on this, I have one JUST LIKE IT, will you give me $85 for MINE?!" 

Awesome. Let me stop what I am doing to actually generate income for myself and pretend to be interested while you make me pull something out of the case to tell you what the price is just so you can then try and sell me the item for the SAME PRICE as I  have it for sale in my shop.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Weekly Snapshots

Hey All! Here are a couple snapshots from this past week :)

Today: Peyton does this a lot. It's sweet. We keep each other warm. The amount of slime that covers my back from this is - I can't even.

Tuesday: I took a couple of business classes!

Monday: Made some delicious thai soup.

Sunday: Had some amazing bengies from Lucile's and went to the museum and studied quilts!

What was a bright spot in your week? 


Friday, February 20, 2015

Missing My Buddy Today

Lately I have been thinking a lot about Audry - she was my first true love Bulldog - I got her by myself after I moved out. She was a rescue and I had four wonderful years with her. She came to the shop with me, just like Peyton does.

She died suddenly on July 25th, 2013, in my arms at the doll shop of a heart attack. It was one of the saddest, most precious moments of my life. My family and friends on Facebook really helped me through that time. I still have all of the sympathy cards on my desk. They meant to much and still do!

Four months later, I opened my heart and doll shop to Peyton. It was like getting a puppy.

It's amazing how DIFFERENT the dogs are. They are nothing alike. Audry was overweight, sweet, emotionally self supporting, and very wise. She didn't care about the small stuff and nothing really interested her. I loved that about her. She basically didn't give a f*ck. She didn't like any other animals and was content sitting in the grass, watching the world. Peyton is lean (almost underweight yet she eats like a wolverine!), wild, inquisitive, playful, and extremely needy and insecure. They are polar opposites - yet both were puppy mill rescues. Peyton is 100% more work than Audry.

Peyton had to stay home today because she was so disruptive yesterday and she needed a time out. I am missing them both. Today, I am grateful for furry blessings. They are HARD work but so worth it.

Happy Friday Friends!