Friday, August 9, 2013

You Tell The Stories With Words, We Tell The Stories With Jewelry

As you guys know, my favorite furry person in the world (in the picture to the right of this blog) had a heart attack and died suddenly on the afternoon of July 25th, in my antique store on Broadway.

It's been two weeks and a day now and I am getting to the place where I can talk about it, where food is starting to taste good again and I can function without completely tearing up every 5 minutes. After it happened, I wasn't able to work, eat, or function. I was at a swank fashion show two days after it happened and had to be taken home because I couldn't keep the tears from streaming down my face. (It's also been the only time I didn't feel like eating, one good thing I could use to my advantage?!)

I was paralyzed with sadness, shock, heartbreak. I have never felt like this about anything or anyone and really just went through my days the best I could - reminding myself to breathe in and out.

I thought I would have more time with Audry. I think you always do. In fact, her vet said weeks before that I had at least a couple more "good years". I had just ordered her a pimped out stroller for walks and hadn't even gotten the bill for her last teeth cleaning. It goes without saying that I didn't expect to bring Audry to work and come home without her. Without re-hashing everything that happened, I can safely say it has been the deepest heartbreak I have ever experienced.

I have been SO extremely fortunate to be surrounded by people that understand and care for my loss.

I have actually been blown away and completely humbled by the response I have received. Close friends sent flowers, cards, notes, text messages, emails. I for some reason thought I would be the only one that "gets" the devastation but I was wrong. So many people shared with me their stories, how they coped, and how to remember your loved one in a way that helps you also piece your heart back together.

Speaking of "stories", my amazing friend Melissa just came to my store and gave me an amazing gift - which is also my new favorite piece of jewelry. It was so amazingly sweet and thoughtful of her to do this and I am going to wear it all the time. Melissa is a independent Origami Owl jewelry consultant which is a company that allows you to make keepsake necklaces in a million ways.

Mine is amazing. My locket contains personalized charms that represent me, my life with Audry, and also my life moving forward. I LOVE IT.

She also gave me a card that expressed what the charms meant. There's a paw print, an H for the Hoffman girls, a cameo because I deal in antiques, an airplane because I travel a lot, a Cross because Audry is in Heaven, a princess crown because Audry was a princess, a key to my heart, angel wings, a wine glass (because who doesn't like a cocktail?) and a longer and shorter chain to wear them. So sweet.

 This is one of the most thoughtful gifts I have ever received in my life and I wouldn't trade it for any 50 carat diamond or Porsche. It is going to help me heal. Every time I wear it, I can be reminded of my amazing friend Audry and not cry because it's over but smile because it happened.

If you want to give or order one of these amazing gifts, you can make one for ANY reason and I love them. Consult my friend Melissa and her daughter Megan! See their website here!

Thank you to the Gartland family. <3