Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Latest Food Obsession: PB2

Hey All! So I always find some kind of food find and then go nuts on it. Well "nuts" is a little apropos for this one because my latest food obsession is "PB2". It's a powdered peanut butter. You just add a little water and stir and it becomes almost completely like "real" peanut butter minus all the fat and oil! Peanut butter is a problem food for me...I just eat it and eat it so I never buy it. When I found this through my friend Jamie, I literally teared up the first time I tried it. 

It comes in two flavors - chocolate and regular. Both yummy! 

You just add a little water depending on how much you want to mix and stir! 

If you add the right amount of water, it looks like this! 

I use it on everything! There's tons of recipes out there - you use it just in place of peanut butter sans all the FAT! 

My friend Jamie makes this AWESOME shake with it. Check out her blog and recipe here! YUMMERS!

Seriously peeps - if you watch your calories or peanut butter is a trigger food for you or just want to try something new and different, this stuff is the SHIZ. It's at all Whole Foods and most Kind Soopers and online!

Happy Wednesday, make it a great day Friends!


Friday, October 12, 2012

Around Here.

Well my Friend Jamie made an amazing list to catch everyone up on the happenings in her world and I am going to follow suit. Also stealing her graphic. (Imitation is the highest form of flattery!) So I picked 7 things for the 7 days of the week!

1. I not-so-planned stepped back into my role as a sales person at John Atencio. That job meant a lot to me and so does coming back - so that is definitely a highlight of this past week.
2. Pho with Jamie and all the wonderful plans we have to mobilize our wallets to expand!
3. PB2. Obsessed. Beyond OBSESSED. It's this amazing peanut butter substitute I guess you can say but it's made of powdered peanuts and you add water - there's no oil so no fat and it tastes almost the same. I can't keep peanut butter in my house because I eat too much of it but this stuff, I can literally eat as much as I want and not even freak. 4 tablespoons had 90 calories folks. My Mom and I have been eating this every single day at work. Thank you Jamie for inspiring me to take the leap and try it. I literally almost started crying when I tried it.
4. Awesome walk with my friend Lindsay Saturday morning. Walking and talking is so therapeutic.
5. To piggy back on that, my neighbor Kirsten and I grabbed a brisk walk in the cool air Wednesday after work. I love that because it's like your outing for the night and you get in all the girl talk but without the martinis and nachos.
6. This week has been filled with a lot of reflection and ironing some stuff out. Gotta love progress.
7. Favorite laugh of the week: STINK'S SONG Obsessed Stinky's song. It's trashy and crude and I love it.

Happy Friday Friends!

Friday, October 5, 2012

I have a date and it only cost me hundreds of dollars!

Happy Friday friends! I seriously can't BELIEVE it's been another week. Like it went so fast, my head is spinning.

I am sure you have seen all the hilarious pictures of me in 1920's clothing with all my friends. It was a charity auction called "Donate2Date" where you bid on bachelors and bachelorettes and all the proceeds go to charity - 100%! Children's Hospital rehabilitated by little brother when he had a traumatic brain injury when he was five. I was eight and spent nearly a year at that hospital everyday after school. The nurses and programs were so amazing and Children's has always been special to me - so this event was a not to miss. My gorgeous friend Jamie was a bachelorette and my friend Michelle was my date. We also had lots of other friends there so it was fab.

Here is a favorite picture of Jamie and I!
The venue was great!
Love these ladies!
 I know I am doing "duck face" in this picture below but whatev. We look HAWT!
Now you guys know I like to spend money like an Arab Sheik so when the bidding opened for Brien, I went for it. I totally didn't expect to win - but I did. Yippie! Here's right after the win.I also got that blue hat which I am assuming is gracing the head of a bum on Broadway right now because it didn't make it home.
 Always representing, we toasted with Coors Light!
It was much to my surprise that I won - and I was stressed because I had to bid on Jamie still and I brought ONE check to try and stop me from this very situation! Here's the winning look. I was like, F*CK! LOL
I was outbid on Jamie but gave it a good shot (don't worry folks - if I won her, I always keep a stash of cash nearby for unexpected fun so it would have been all good) but Jamie went for over $500 and I was so proud of her! You GO girl! She looked amazing. I almost cried when I saw her on stage I was so proud.

This was a rocking good time and we are all definitely going to go next year. They raised thousands for the Children's Hospital and we had some good clean fun! =]

Have a great weekend Smoochies!