Friday, September 28, 2012

High Five for Friday!

What up?! Happy Friday! It's been a bit since I have done a High Five for Friday post so here it goes and in no particular order!

1) Monday I got to see Jason Mraz at Red Rocks with my friend Alyson and her daughter Ashleigh. It was an amazing show - he is SO talented. We also brought in sushi for a picnic before the show!

2) Last weekend I worked several promos for Coors. I don't know if you guys saw all the drama involved with the shoes my Mom bought. I still love them even though they are ripping Ralph Lauren and have worn them to every promo I have worked! They are so flipping comphy!

3) Sunday my cousin Britney and I had a wonderful breakfast at Toast and then planned a rando trip to Boston in a month. We are staying at the PLAZA! We are going to eat seafood and run around the city for four days and we are super excited. We got a package where they feed us as well so we are going to be living the high life for a few days. Here's the hotel!

4) Through the help of several friends (Jamie and James!) we found my good friend Kenny a new Boston Terrier that needed a home! He already had Pete and added Chubbs to his clan on Friday! The second picture with his little teeth sticking out cracks me up.

5) Favorite Facebook laugh of the week!

Enjoy your weekend friends!


Thursday, September 20, 2012


So earlier this year, I went on a "do your own nails and save money" fad. While I totally believe in this, the last few months, I have been on a "you work hard and you are tired just go and get them done, it's ok" fad. I go in and out of these fads consistently.

Well I have several places I frequent. One of them is Tiffany Nails on Bowles and Broadway. It's next to a yogurt place which is dangerous for me. The last few times it was a little sketchy but you know how you sometimes forget that stuff and go there again and you are like, "oh yeah, now I remember why I don't go there." Well listen to my little story ladies and gents.

So last Wednesday, I walk in and I am SCREAMED at, "PICK YO KOOOOOOOOOLLLLAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

I wanted to be like, whoa bitch. I didn't even say what I wanted. What if I was a choppy lesbian and didn't want polish? What if I lost my car keys and was coming in to ask to borrow the phone? HELL what is I wanted shallac? Even though I wanted a mani/pedi, I was just all, WTF.

So I sit down and of course was immediately annoyed and alarmed by the LENGTH of my manicurist's toenails. This happens a lot and is a big issue for me as you guys know so this probably should have been left out of my report but it was just not a good time for me to be staring at those fucking TALONS.

So I am sitting there, TRYING to enjoy my latest issue of whatever celebrity trash magazine I could find dated THIS YEAR and the lady says, "YOU NEE WAX AN SPECUL PEDIKUR". I was in a bit of a daze, trying to figure out what she was screaming at me...and looked at the price list. The "special" mani/pedi was $75.00. Keep in mind here that I just got one under two weeks ago, I wasn't at the Ritz Carlton, and really didn't even NEED it, I sometimes just go to RELAX and get my mind in another place. Fuck.

She's sitting here looking at my feet like they were from Jurassic Park and I totally got her game - she bullies and shames women into getting the expensive one. At this point, all the other women getting pedicures were now staring at my feet. I said, "Listen I understand what you are trying to sell me but please just give me the regular that I asked for, I don't even enjoy having the wax and as you can see, my feet are in tip top shape." 




(No way in hell I am letting this woman rip hair off my vagina. She would probably send me to the emergency room.)

"No, thank you."

She then eyed my purse. "WHERE YO HUZBAND? WAITUN OOUTSI?"

I stopped Facebooking and dead paned: "I don't have a husband."


"I don't have a boyfriend."


"I don't have kids."


(Really. How do I consistently find myself in these situations?)

At this point, I just stared at her. I quit responding and calmly stared at her like a wolf contemplating his plan of attack.

I even turned my head sideways like Michael Meyers. I think the music from the movie even started in the background.

I felt like that old guy - what's his name...he's famous for doing silent, non violent protests and wears robes. The Dali Lama or something? The Free Tibet guy? Well, whatever his name is, I felt like him because she quit pestering me after that. I left with a shitty manicure and pedicure and drowned my sorrows at the yogurt shop next door. It was an overall horrifying experience and I will never go back.

The GOOD news is, I went to a new place tonight I have never been. It's by the Sprouts on County Line. They brought me a bottle of water when I sat down, asked me NO questions, did a superb job, and even re-did my nails after I messed them up reaching for a truffle I have no business eating. It was lovely and I even told them what happened last Wednesday and that I will now be coming here and that I appreciated their customer service.

I suppose if this is my large complaint of the day, I am doing pretty flipping good. =]

Have a great rest of your week friends.


Sunday, September 16, 2012

My First Solo Mission

This past Friday, I had the experience of doing my first appraisal clinics representing my company, Turn of the Century Antiques. I was honored to be asked and I have been doing these fairs for many years but this was my first one alone. It was a daunting thought to walk in this room and be a person of "expertise" for the hundreds of unknown objects in the room. Professionally, it was one of my best days I have had. It really helped me realize my potential. I knew something about everything that was brought before me and I really enjoyed providing insight to these people about their treasures. It was a busy day - I had back to back appointments from when I started at noon until 7pm - in fact I ran 20 minutes over and I only stopped for brief 5 minute spurts to chug down some energy drinks and grab a bite to eat.

One of my favorite appointments was a sweet elder man named Carl. He was my second of the day. He gently came up to my table and sat down. The first thing I do with everyone is make eye contact and smile and ask them their name. This is an emotional process for a lot of people and being warm and welcome right off makes them feel a lot more at ease. I asked Carl what he had today. It was a Selb painted German bowl - common - but I asked as I always do before I give any insight into the piece what he could tell me about it. When I asked him this, there was a couple beats and he finally said, "This belonged to Carol". His eyes welled up with tears and I put my hand on his arm and asked him to share about Carol if he wanted to. Carol and Carl had been married for 55 years and she was the love of his life. He said that when he met her in high school, he said, "I'm gonna marry you!" and he did. I could feel the pure love and emotion as he spoke. It rocked me and as I sat there and took this in, I quickly realized that this whole experience meant more to Carl than finding out about that little painted bowl. That bowl sitting in front of us was a simple representation of a beautiful life shared between two people.

This was a good reminder for me and I was glad that it happened so early on in the day. Often times in my store, people come in, one after another with boxes and boxes of junk and I have to stop my important work on the computer to sift through it - and I get annoyed. I always try and stay very present but I know there have been some times when I wasn't as gentle as I could have been. 

The rest of the day, I spoke and looked at everyone and their pieces with integrity and purpose. I listened to what they had to say. People actually switched their appointments from some of the other appraisers to myself because I gained a reputation in the room for "being nice". It was amazing that they didn't really care about the monetary value of their treasures. Most things came with a provenance and deep sentimental attachment. 

As you guys know, I love making money, sealing a deal, talking about the bottom line but in life and love, there is no bottom line. Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring. One of the things I have to remember in my industry and what I continually remind myself is to really try to be kind to everyone that comes in the store - because everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle. Everyone you meet is afraid of something, loves something, and has lost something. Remembering this is easier said than done because some of the people are real nut jobs that stress me out to no end but the thing that motivates me is that when I walked in that appraisal room that day, I was fighting some battles. Everyone is in some way. My battles seemed less stressful when I got the satisfaction of making someone else's day better. My problems seemed to slowly vanish as I helped the people in the room.

As I grow in my craft, I will carry this day with me forever and I am thankful for the experience. I am never going to forget Carl and his wife Carol and her German painted dish and the sentiment that it held. When someone walks in with a "piece of junk" - that piece of junk could hold an ocean of memories and that is important. This whole experience makes me remember one of my favorite quotes about life:

How far you go in life depends on your being tender with the young, compassionate with the aged, sympathetic with the striving and tolerant of the weak and strong.  Because someday in your life you will have been all of these.  ~ George Washington Carver

My most fulfilling experiences are ones I do just to do - not for attention or Facebook. It's the stuff that sticks with us the rest of our lives - the fabric that binds us together as a humanity. Our experiences shape who we are and who we want to become. We are always evolving. 

It reminds me what life is about: life is about love. It's about who you love but more importantly, it's about how you love. 



Monday, September 10, 2012

Rock Your Face Off

Hey Guys! So and you know, I am in sales and care a ton about presentation. Presentation is super important in so many aspects of life but in professional world, presentation can make or break an interview or even a job. If you appear professional and rock an interview, you will get a job quicker than someone who is say - smarter or more qualified. I am honestly pretty bright but there are a ton of people out there that are brighter but don't have balls to just get out there. JUST DO IT!

I remember when I applied to John Atencio - I had no jewelry experience but I took a picture of myself wearing all my John Atencio jewelry and sent it to David Atencio, and I got called in right away because it was such a random thing to have happen to them on an application. The trick is to set yourself apart from the rest. Little things like your picture on your LinkedIn account speak VOLUMES to a potential employer.

A totally worthwhile investment if you haven't done it ever or recently, is professional head shots.  You can use these everywhere from your business card, LinkedIn account, Facebook, blog, or heck even to attract the right person. A professional picture believe it or not says a lot about you. Now here is the key - make it kind of fun and effortless. In this day and age, you don't have to be all buttoned up in a suit and hair in a bun for a professional photo. You need a great camera, easy and comfortable setting, and just look happy. It helps to have a professional photographer that has an eye for great pictures.

I had a sitting with my friend and fellow entrepreneur, Jamie over the weekend. Um excuse me, blinded by hotness.

She took some great casual pics of me and also, because I am a complete whack job, we took head shots for my dog as well because she also has a Facebook but she needs professional photos for her LinkedIn.  Here are a few of my favs!

If you are interested in getting some professional photos done, you should totally contact Jamie. I am excited for the ones of Audry and I for my condo. Thinking this for the hallway! Pop of color!

The photos she's choosing for us are rocking my face off! She is so easy and comfortable to work with - you don't feel all awkward posing and she knows what will bring out your best look. Her pricing is also amazeballs - I felt like I got a great value for my investment and that's always a good feeling.

You can email Jamie at to ask deets and set up a session!


Friday, September 7, 2012

Cousin Coffee Date To Remember

Happy Friday Pals! As most of you know, every Friday (unless one of us is traveling) my cousin Sara and I meet for coffee. We started Starbucks years ago and now that Sara is married and bought a cute house, we moved it to Solid Grounds in Lakewood. It's amazing that one year ago, this weekend, Sara got married and I was co Maid of Honor (with her sister Britney) in her wedding.

Well this morning, we met for our usual coffee and while we were chatting, some creepy guy asked if he could tie his dog that "he just found" to our table. The dog had tags and was obviously taken care of so it was a little weird that this guy was with this dog. We later found out he just wanted the reward.

The dog was also HUGE - like Beethoven huge. The guy leaves the dog with us and Sara and I continue chatting. As the creepy guy comes out of the coffee shop, the dog freaks at the thought of having to leave with this guy and takes off - taking the table with him. This was a large table, too. Sara and I are sitting there watching this unfold. It was kind of surreal. Here we are a few minutes after - table gone, coffee spilled. I was able to save my Americano before the madness.

The dog got his owners called so he is OK - and I have to hand it to him for getting away - even attached to our table. The table stayed with him about a block and a half and broke off. It was the size of the tables behind us.

The best part was Hannah flying in for Sara's party this weekend! It was a total surprise for Sara. It was hard for me to act normal this morning knowing Hannah would show up any minute. I LOVE this picture.

Sweet reunion!!

Welcome to Colorado Hannah! I am so glad you made it out. Remember all the amazing fun we had at Sara's Bachelorette party? Looking forward to celebrating Steve and Sara's first year of marriage and their cute house this weekend!


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

My Favorite LinkedIn Recommendation Made About Me Ever

“Rachel Hoffman is the most amazing person in the whole wide world!

She is smart, well groomed, and can spend money on stuff like an Arab sheik.

Rachel knows more about selling antiques online than anyone I have ever met. She could sell a ratty old doll to a stingy old investment banker and make him think it was the best investment he ever made.

And Wow! is she cute! A fact that really comes in handy when she's bossing you around. She's so cute that one would never guess she is totally addicted to Taco Bell. Where she's putting all those burritos is a complete mystery.

But aside from all that, she is really good at running Turn Of The Century Antiques. She hardly ever yells at me when I mess up her website. And... she has helped a couple other antique stores sell their merchandise online, as well. She knows her business thoroughly and does excellent work, when she's not jet-setting around with suitors.

Any antique store owner would be lucky to have her work there, even if it's just part-time, between all her other jobs.”