Friday, February 22, 2013

High Five For Friday!

Hi Guys! It's Friday again! WOW! This week went fast. I am consistently finding myself with way too much to do but I always pull myself back and be thankful for too much than not enough! I worked a ton, fit in some me time and mostly stayed on my diet except eating a WHOLE box of Godiva truffles. Do Valentine's Day truffles count? Nah! 

Here are a few highlights!

1) I learned how to play banjo! Ok, not really but I tried during my boyfriend's Irish music session at Fado's Monday night. 
2) SUSHI! SSSSSSSUUUUUUUSSHI!!! Blue Moon on Colorado has the best sushi deal in town. This whole amazing platter was $20 bucks. HEAVEN!!
3) I bought this Christian Lacroix suit at the Zoe's sale for $8.00 and put it on eBay. I should get $300-500, I will keep you posted!!
5) Check my post from yesterday regarding these cookies. AMAZING and I can't wait to make more with other variations this weekend!!

Have a great weekend and week friends!


Thursday, February 21, 2013

2 Ingredient Banana Bread Cookies. #MyLifeHasChanged

OMG! I am just reblogging a blog from SkinnyTaste which is my favorite recipe blog. I made these this morning with mini chocolate chips so mine were three ingredients but they were delicious and just cured my sweet tooth for 2 points this afternoon. 

These are truly HEALTHY, quick, and tasty cookies. #OBSESSED #TRYTHEMTODAY #OMG #CANTWAITTOMAKEMORE

Have a great Thursday and stay warm inside - preferably baking these cookies!


Saturday, February 16, 2013

Jimmy Choo Thrifty Shoe Swap!

So I love shoes. Shoes are one of my favorite things to buy. When I pull out one of my Black Label Ralph Lauren gold and patent leather heels - I instantly feel like a million bucks. Probably because I spent close to that on the shoes. That's one of the problems - sometimes amazing shoes are really expensive and you just have to splurge once in awhile to really get exactly what you want. I have about 8 pairs of REALLY good shoes. These are ones I only wear on special occasions and when they are not worn, they are kept in their original boxes, in their dust bags, tucked safely away.

Jimmy Choo came out with this absolutely FAB line of glitter heels. I think they are gorgeous. They are the perfect shoe for anything special. You can wear these with a simple LBD and that's all you need. Check some of these out. DROOL.

I am pretty much obsessed with them - and of course anything I tend to love that's in Neiman Marcus comes with that pesky whole paycheck thing - these bad boys start at $595.00.

My favorite pair I think was these crazy blue ones for $695.00 at Bergdorf Goodman right now.

I would totally wear those with a gorgeous white dress in the summer or on the Fourth Of July or really to any formal or fun event where I want to feel fancy and playful but hell no I am not going to spend that much money on something so trendy and redic...BUT!! I will spend $15.00!!

The other day, while strolling TJ Max, I found these bad boys by Nine West! They are actually really beautiful and were on the clearance rack! $15.00 I can handle. =]

I guess the moral of the story is - there is always a lesser expensive swap for most things and something crazy like glitter shoes, you are better off taking that route. There are some things where you just have to buy the real deal lock stock and barrel if you really want them but think about durability, wear-ability, and long term potential when making that choice.

Now to go TJ Max and get you some Glitter Pumps!

Happy Saturday!


Friday, February 15, 2013

High Five For Friday!

Hey All! It's been a bit since I posted and I missed you guys! I love people's High Five for Friday posts so I thought I would throw one at ya today!

1) Yesterday was Valentine's Day and I am usually a single girl on this day and that's totally OK because I LOVE Valentine's Day anyway! Yesterday though my sweetie brought me some gorgeous flowers to work and we went out to Charcoal  where we had a ridiculously delicious meal specially picked out for Valentine's Day. It was YUMMY and I wore a dress that I just bought that day at the Zoe's Sale. I have blogged about before. 

2) I love this dress that I got at the sale! It's cashmere and silk and has pearls and rhinestones in it. I bought a ton of amazing things but this dress is my favorite find. I also love this self pic because for some reason I look ridiculously skinny - which I am not but I will take this angle any day!
3) It's Lent and I am doing my ritual Facebook cleanse. I LOVE me some Facebook but the break is healthy and good for me. I live for me more and don't worry about posting and checking in everywhere I go. I always seem to have crazy and fun things happen during this time - or life changing things. It's weird but it's like God knows I am off Facebook and plans my life accordingly.

4) I made this recipe from Hungry Girl the other night - and OMG. LIFE CHANGING! SO easy and good. Men will be impressed and you will lose weight!! This was absolutely delicious. Check it out and try it!!

5) Sunday I had an amazing girls brunch at the Melting Pot with my favorite girls in the world. It was wonderful and so fun having all my peeps in one room to share a delicious meal. My heart swells every time I see this picture!

Have a fantastic week my friends!