Friday, April 3, 2015

What If Antique Dolls Posted On Social Media?!

As you guys know, I work with dolls. I am also pretty highly involved with social media. Sometimes when I am cataloging a doll, I imagine what the doll has experienced in its life - like what would it say if it has an Insta or Facebook account. Here are a couple that have come across my mind in the last few days. This is either a sign I need to take a day off from dolls - OR - I am really tapping into my inner doll appraiser because they are actually SPEAKING to me! (with #hashtags!)

Guuuuuuurl I just got my hair DID! #CantStopWontStop #ShortHairDontCare #loveit #beauty #nofilter #memyselfandi #selfportrait

The dry air in Colorado is making me break out! #UGH #TheStruggleIsReal #FirstWorldProblems

Date night with my #bae! #Friday #weekend #TGIF #DateNight #twerk #epic

I seriously can't wait to wear this dress in Vegas for Laura's bachelorette weekend!! #yolo #TurntUp #livingforthemoment #doingthingswewillregret #crazy #friends

Girl this IS my casual Friday bonnet! #lol #instagood #hot #selfie #style #swag

Loving my new bob haircut! Rocking it #likeaboss #winning#RetroHairThrowback

That #AwkwardMoment when I got mistaken for my husband today. #lifetimemoviesbelike

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

WOW! Look At This Vintage Bob Dylan Poster!

So while organizing the back portion of our antique store this past weekend, I uncovered this awesome vintage Bob Dylan poster. It's from a concert in Greenwich Village, September 19th, 1960. 

This thing has got to be worth a fortune. Look at how distressed the corners are! It's been carefully preserved in this nice frame - professionally mounted. This has got to be worth a lot of money, right?! 
Bob Dylan collectors pay a LOT for posters. 

Well the excitement stops right there because...this is a fake poster. Even though it LOOKS real, smells real, is the real color, the edges are distressed, and it is mounted in a $300.00 mounting job and frame, this puppy is not the real thing. 

How do I know? 

Bob Dylan never performed a concert on September, 19th, 1960 in Greenwich Village. 

In April 1961, Dylan played his first paying gig at Gerde’s Folk City, in Greenwich Village. He didn't become really popular (to have posters made like this one) until around 1964. 

Another telltale sign is that most concert posters don't have the year on them. When you are looking at a music poster on a building or concert venue around town, look next time and see if it has the year on it. Most FAKES, have the year on them. One of the easiest ways to tell a fake poster is to see if the musician actually played a concert on the advertised date and location. It seems pretty self explanatory but you wouldn't believe how many people don't think of this. 

The End.