Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Tory Burch

Hey All! So my lovely friend Barbara asked me about my best flats that I recommend for work. I was quick to recommend Tory Burch. I have a wider foot and Tory Burch shoes are good for wide feet and also (most importantly for a flat) is that they are comfortable! Plus and most importantly - if you are going to wear a flat, it better be a cute one. These fit the bill.

I like Tory Burch shoes for several reasons. I feel like they are a great value for the money, they are super fun, and they last a long time. They are good investments. I like the shoes. I feel Tory Burch's clothing is over priced and her bags are just OK but the shoes are great. Don't buy the ones without the gaudy gold emblem on the front - that's half the point of buying Tory Burch! I love the emblem.  These sandals will carry you through summer. Great with a maxi dress!

If you can't afford Tory Burch right now, save up. DO not, I repeat, DO NOT buy the GUESS brand fakes or something trying to be Tory Burch. Until you get the real thing of anything, don't buy a lesser fake. (This goes with everything.)

Also, Tory Burch has sales so just wait and get a discount! Neimans is having a sale right now on Tory Burch and you can get some cute ones for a great price!

Love these wedges!

I have two pairs of the flats - black and red. The red ones are suede and do get dirty easier than the regular leather. I love them though. What I love about these shoes is the variety of colors and textures in the leather you can buy.

With the shoes with the cinched back, I need a half size larger than I usually wear - otherwise the back of the shoe can pinch a little bit.

I love these for work or traveling when you have to be on your feet a lot.

I have these and they are super chunky and fun! This is the "Jodie" sandal.
I bought these on sale at Neimans this week and they are SO comfortable!!

These flats below are my next conquest. Love the gold on gold. 
Like I said, remember to try on a half size larger if you are getting the cinched flat and hold out for a sale. If you are patient, you can get a great pair for a good price. Also, the suede shoes get dirty pretty quick so if you are going to wear them a lot, the plain leather will be the best for longevity. 

The reason I like Tory Burch shoes though is even if you pay retail, you are getting a really well made product for the price point. 



  1. トリーバーチ というブランドの商品を購入したことがありますか?もし、一度もゲットしたことがないと、ぜひご購入をおススメいたします。もちろん、本サイトにお任せください。こちらには、トリーバーチ バッグがいっぱい揃っていますよ。レッド、ホワイト、ブルー、ブラック、イエロー、ローズなど様々な色合いで展開しました。大きなサイズ、小さなサイズをご提供いたします。興味があると、ぜひ当ショップにいらっしゃいませ!!

  2. Great post about the Tory Burch brand. Like you I only like her shoes and flats. I'll pass on the clothes. Her flats are iconic with the "bling" in your face medallion on the toe that reflects light as you walk and draws attention to your feet. The Reva flats are definitely cute and feminine and should be considered an investment in quality. Some people with wider feet can't wear these flats. I have pretty narrow feet for a guy and these flats work for me. As long as the length is right the width will mold to your foot over time. I normally wear a size 10 but 10.5 in these works best. After I bought my first pair the flood gates opened. I'm now up to 12 pairs. This is my collection (might have to cut and paste the links)

    Here's a few pictures of me wearing them but so I don't offend you I must tell you that I'm a guy.

    OK, here's me wearing my TB flats.

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful post


    1. Thank you for this wonderful comment!! I cruised your blog, your collection of Tory Burch flats are amazing!!! Love love love!!!

    2. Thanks for your kind words. You can see my updated collection here if you like.

      Thanks for sharing your blog.

  3. There is no doubt that tory burch shoes are designed with diverse styles to make the wearer feel comfortable and also let the individual feel the classiness of the footwear.