Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Treasured Scarab

Last week, I had the opportunity to visit The Treasured Scarab on 25 East Dakota Avenue. I am the new marketing manager for Antique Row and I have been making a point to visit every store on Antique Row to see what we have to offer as an organization.

This charming Victorian bungalow is full of antique and collectible jewelry from Victorian times to the sixties. Specializing in Victorian, Edwardian, Art Deco, Nouveau, Indian & Mexican jewelry.

If you want something unique and wonderful, this is the store for you. The owner, Sryma Sotiriou sat down with me and we chatted a bit about her business and vision. Syrma has been on the same block for 31 years - she is one of the few dealers that has been on Antique Row since the early years and has survived with the changing times. She has been in her current location, a stunning little house since 1989.

Right as you step in, you know you are in a special place. Her store is decorated with amazing pieces of Denver history from the couture vintage clothing, to Native American jewelry, to amazing Victorian engagement rings priced from 3k-10ish. Awesome price point!

I spent a couple hours pouring over her jewelry - some making my heart skip a beat. She has everything you could ask for and also there is something in every price range. If you are looking for a gift or for something for yourself, this place is perfect.

"When I was a child and my Mom and I would go to department stores, she always knew where to find me. I would be at the jewelry counter with my face pressed against the glass in awe of the amazing things". Syrma recalls with delight.

Syrma has always had a passion for jewelry and it was evident because she was decked out with beautiful bangles and tennis bracelets - and she didn't know I was coming. That's jewelry passion right there. You wear it to wear it...because you're fab!

I splurged and picked up an amazing Christian Dior bakelite cuff on the left that she had - I couldn't leave without it. I wore it the rest of the day.

I asked Syrma what inspires her and she said it's a combination of the thrill of the hunt, the history associated with the pieces she finds, and helping people find something that means something to them.

Syrma goes to NYC and Europe several times a year finding treasures. I highly recommend this store for a gift for yourself or someone special. She also has a whole section for men!

I lusted after pretty much everything in the Native American case.

If you visit, tell Syrma "Rachel sent me!"


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Polish Police

My Mom and I got manicures this week and I don't know WTF those ladies used as a base coat because both our manicures started peeling THE NEXT DAY. I was pissed. I took it all off because I can't stand picked off/peeling nail polish. I think I am obsessive over it from working in jewelry. You have to have pretty hands. I liked it though - but now I obsess over it - like when a chalkboard gets wiped off but there is still a speck of chalk. It's a problem. No polish is always better than nails all raged over so last night I grabbed my acetone and I said to myself, "Ehh, I'll just have naked nails for a couple of days..." and then I quickly realized I was hallucinating because I hadn't eaten dinner, snapped out of my haze and picked out my most recent polish purchase - OPI's "Steady As She Rose".

It's from the Pirates of the Caribbean collection. Most the other colors were gross looking but I actually fell in love with this. I wanted something simple and clean.

I LOVE it. I am a light skinned girl and this color is like a light pink/pastel/lilac color that is perfect for spring and summer. I love opaque polishes and light ones but on my skin that literally glows in the dark, I look dead. This is probably my favorite polish right now. One coat looks awful, two looks better and if you have time, three coats looks best. 

This looks gorg. I used 3 coats and a good base and top coat. You need to take your time and if you do, you can have a decent manicure that definitely gives the Asian ladies a run for their money! I still recommend getting a professional manicure/pedicure once a month (when I worked in jewelry I went every week but that was a business expense) to get rid of excess skin and then do your own polishes in between. Always buy a decent product. They aren't that much more than the cheap stuff and totally worth it. 

It’s a versatile mainstream color, but thanks to that pretty lilac-leaning hue and dreamy dusty quality, just a touch unusual too. What do you think? 


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

If You Can't Afford Condoms, Just Wear Crocs. Best Birth Control EVER.

Over the weekend, the topic of Crocs came up a lot. I went to my friend Kelly's birthday party and people asked me about Crocs after I posted this on Facebook:

Before I get into this issue, I would like to tell you guys that I actually own a pair of Crocs. They are the regular kind in hot pink. I bought them years ago when I was living at home and helping my parents garden. They are actually good for gardening - because you can hose them off. If you are in the MUD, I recommend them. If you are not in sheer dirt or over 10 years old, they really have no place in public. This post is in jest so if you really like Crocs and this offends you, get oves it. I am sure I wear some things that other people find hideous. Speaking of hideous, here are (in my opinion) the worst offenders for women:

While I love the color, these look like those orthopedic shoes people wear in nursing homes - or the ones people wear then they have one leg that is too short. The platform flip flop thing ended in the 90's and even then, it looked stupid.

Below are some other cringe worth examples. Before I thought it couldn't get ANY worse - these ones have Velcro: 

Here is a good tip: if your shoe looks like a dildo, it's probably not a good choice:
If you ever see me in a pair of these, call the police and have me committed.  The silver "material" majorly creeps me out. It looks like duct tape.
Could you imagine seeing these on someone at a formal event? 
This is Crocs take on a acceptable sandal. This is probably the least scary of them all but dude. Why do ALL the pairs have to have those freaky massage beads on the sole? Those are for ADIDAS sandals for basketball players after a game.
UGH I could really go on all afternoon but I have to get back to work. Just remember, if you are having a moment of weakness and are in the mall and see a pair of Crocs an think they are "not that bad"...remember this cat: 


Friday, May 11, 2012

LaLa's Top Friday Fives!

Happy Friday, Bitches! Today I am so excited to launch my first guest blogger, the fab Lindsay Trujillo! As you guys know, she always steps out looking so amaze so I asked her if she could let us in on some of her secrets for her edgy rock and roll/everyday gorgeousness. Here you go! #LovesIt
Greetings, Fashionistas! As a fellow lover of fashion, makeup, and all things pretty, Rachel asked me to take a stylish stab at sharing some tips with her loyal readers.  Or....maybe she was just trying to keep me occupied while I'm laid up post-foot surgery.  Either way, I am happy to share with you a Friday Five list of my beauty must haves at the moment...

1)  Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Nail Polish in Hot Magenta with two layers of Rockstar Pink on top-- In order to celebrate (or mourn) my final pedicure for 8 weeks while I recover from foot surgery, I decided to go a little wild with my polish and bought these two colors during a late night trip to Walgreen's.  The result was a fun, very 80s glam rock look that sparkles in the sun and makes these little piggies look pretty!
2)  UltraPure Cosmetics--  My boyfriend's band mate and his gorgeous wife own a posh little salon in Denver- Brows on Upper 15th ( )    Pre-Christmas party season, I had him do a makeup consultation for me and I left the salon with my new "can't live without" mineral foundation and setting powder by UltraPure Mineral Cosmetics, a local company.  I have incredibly fair, almost vampire-esque skin so I use Bisque as my foundation color and Goddess as my setting powder color.  I am so pleased with the product and the service from the company when ordering online is incredible.  Check them out!
3)  Urban Decay All Nighter and Primer Potion--  Admittedly, I am a hard core Gwen Stefani fan- Gwenabee for those of you that know the term- and became obsessed with Urban Decay products when Gwen was reported in Seventeen magazine as wearing their blood red nail polish, Gash.  I know- NERD ALERT!  I have been a loyal user of all things Urban Decay ever since and always make a stop at the Urban Decay display when shopping at Sephora or Ulta.  Two products that I cannot live without:  Urban Decay All Nighter and Urban Decay Primer Potion.  Both of these are staples in my daily makeup ritural.  The All Nighter is a setting spray that I use once my fancy face has been applied.  It sets the makeup nicely and allows for all day (or night) wear.  Primer Potion (I use the original color but they do have some other shades) is a great way to keep your eyeshadow in place.  I suggest trying both products- they rock and the packaging is always cool!

 4)  Givenchy Mister Mat--  I have tried all sorts of primers to use underneath my foundation and setting powder and have never seemed to find something that doesn't make my skin feel too greasy.  I have oily skin and the right combination of primer and makeup seems to be difficult.  I recently splurged and purchased Givenchy Mister Mat.  I have not been disappointed with this product.  I love the texture- when applied it feels very silky and evens out my skin prior to foundation.  It can be used sparingly which really seems to help ease my mind since it is around $40 for a small tube.  However, the price tag is worth the results.
5)  Milk of Magnesia-- I saved the FANCIEST product for last....oh....wait.....    Your read that right-- I am using Phillip's Milk of Magnesia (tummy ache medicine) in my beauty regimen.  As mentioned above, I have very oily skin and am on a constant hunt for products that will control the oil slick that is my mug.  I will spare you all the scientific stuff I read on other blogs- all I know is this stuff works!  I use a clean makeup sponge and I apply a very thin layer of the Milk of Magnesia to my entire face.  You will need to experiment with the amount depending on your skin type.  Let it dry completely- if you have a chalky, white face- you put too much on.  Once it is dry, put on your primer and follow your normal routine with makeup application.  It isn't a cure-all for oily skin but it helps a TON.  I asked my Nurse Mom about this and she said that Milk of Magnesia has something to do with saline- which makes sense as to why it would dry oil up on your face.  She gave me a much better explanation than that- but I have a degree in Communications for a reason- no math and science.  I don't know....I'm just happy to find a $5 fix for a greasy face! 

Thank you for letting me share some things from my bag of tricks...Enjoy your FRIDAY!  TGIF!  *Lindsay*LaLa*

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Speaking of Statement Necklaces...

So I am wearing a statement necklace today that my Mom picked up for me at the local auction. It's hand strung and super fun! My shirt ruffles are a little in the way but you get the idea. Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Statement Necklaces!

So today I got finished getting ready and my outfit was cute - mint skinny jeans, white button down, red suede flats. I felt cool and comphy but was thinking, I needed something to complete my outfit. Something to pull it together - and I put on one of my favorite statement necklaces - my antique red coral necklace. It's red so it matches my shoes and I am loving it. It transformed outfit. As Jerry Maguire says, "You complete me."

That's what statement necklaces do. They are like an outfit in themselves. You can wear very plain clothing but when accented well with a cool statement necklace, you can really have something special. Another one of my favorite statement necklaces I got just last week at an estate sale. It's seafoam green turquoise and it's just bananas.
Here are some crush-worthy statement necklaces.
The color on the purple one below makes me tingle.
Neon is so hot right now. I love pink and lime green neon the best and check out this one. I die. 

I absolutely love gold. This one below blows my mind.
This one reminds me of Cleopatra. Needs now!

I love black and gold. One of my favorite combos. This would be good for a formal event. 
Statement necklaces are fun because you can rock them with a cute T shirt or a lace top or dress. You can really get away with a lot. This one below is an example of one you could wear with a T shirt. I love the gray/turquoise/blue combo.

This turquoise one is kind of African inspired. I like the brown beading. 

If you check Pinterest, there are a lot of DIY's to make cool statement necklaces yourself and save $$!

Do you have a statement necklace? They are so hot now but they were also very hot in the 1920's so check your Grandma's jewelry stash and thrift stores are loaded with them. Get creative and make your own. Make your own unique statement and enjoy your creativity!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Sweet Potatoes!!

Hey All! So my cousin Sara text me today and asked if there were any foods I thought she should get to help her get through the week and my first thought was sweet potatoes! They are my new favorite food to ea throughout the week for lunches or a quick dinner. They are common in all the grocery stores and are right next to the white potatoes. I LOVE sweet potatoes because they are so super tasty, highly nutritious and so versatile! I bring them to work or have them throughout the week with different toppings and it makes a super yummy, fast and easy dinner. Why eat a regular potato when you can have a SWEET potato! Delicious!

Sweet Potatoes cook in the microwave or oven like a normal potato but need to be in a little longer depending on the size. Just cook em and then top with a ton of toppings. Sweet potatoes are honestly good plain with some salt and pepper if you don't have other things available but if you want to get wild, some of my favorite quick and easy toppings are:

Light sour cream - Daisy brand is my favorite
Cinnamon and sugar (and butter!)
Spicy chili 
Top it with your favorite kind of soup - I like broccoli cheese or tomato!
Cottage Cheese (seriously, it's good)
Black Beans and cheese and even salsa for a Southwestern feel
Herbed goat cheese - one of my FAVS. Check out how yum this looks! It's a healthy lunch if you add a steamed veggie!

There are also a lot of more fun ways to make your potato if you have time and want to get creative. At a burger place, I always order sweet potato fries if I am going to eat fries and they are on the menu. You can make them at home in the oven really easily. SO good.

Mashed sweet potatoes are also REALLY good. You don't need to add as much butter and milk to get that creamy consistency because sweet potatoes are naturally creamy.

 When I was in Chicago in December, I ordered some sweet potato, fig, and goat cheese pizzas. They were heaven! These could be easy to make at home for an awesome appetizer or dinner.

Dessert sweet potatoes are always comforting and delicious. Try topping them with anything sweet like honey, cinnamon and sugar, or marshmallows and pecans! Doesn't this look amazeballs? It's easy too!

If you have kids, start them early on sweet potatoes. They will love them. I know what I will be having for my lunches this week - I made a batch of chili and picked up some potatoes and they are baking now. Potatoes reheat nicely! YUM!

Sweet potatoes are inexpensive, nutritious and so easy. That's what I like. It's pretty effortless and I always have some kind of topping in my house that works on them. If you haven't tried them, seriously do it. If you tried them years ago and think you don't like them, try them again...our taste buds regenerate every couple years so you might like them this time around!