Friday, June 21, 2013

High Five for Friday!

 Can you believe another beautiful week has rolled around?! Here are some of my highlights for my High Five for Friday!

1) My week started out super fun on Sunday - I entered my Panamera in its first car show! We got rained out and left early so I don't know if I won but it was fun to show off!

It was fun hanging out with my brother, Darrel! Note the beef jerky in his pocket.

2) Monday, Vicky and I had a great workout and treated ourselves to sushi at Blue Moon after! mmmmmmmm Dinner Box B!

3) Britney and I officially booked our trip to Milwaukee in August! We are super excited :)

4) Last night, I worked an amazing concert for Miller Lite last night at Lodo's South. It was Sisco! Remember that "Thong Song" from high school? Super fun!!

5) My sweetie brought me roses today and whisked me off to more sushi for lunch!! (He also brought my Mom flowers. SCHMER!)

Have a wonderful weekend friends!!


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

PBS Shoot for Vintage Colorado!

Last month we were chosen by PBS to film a special on our store. It just came out and I wanted to share it with you guys. =] I love the editing, music, and what they choose to use in the piece. I have a ton of TV experience and I am always amazed at how much you have to film to make a little over 4 minute piece. We were in our shop on a Monday when we were closed for almost 6 hours! I love the final piece and we are thrilled we were chosen! Check it out!


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Your Blog Is Seriously Lacking.

...that is what my cousin Britney said to me a few days ago and I am actually embarrassed to say, that YES it is!! I think about my blog almost daily and feel bad that I have slacked on it so much. I really love blogging about random, fun, serious, fun, whatever is on my mind that week things so please don't leave me my friends. I am back on my blog brain and have lots of ideas!

Just to quickly catch up though! Here are some highlights of the last month!

1) My BFF Vicky had an amazing traditional engagement ceremony and party at Suite 200! I was honored to be such a large part of it. She also graduated medical school the same weekend. What a mind blowing weekend and adventure it has all been and is going to be! I couldn't be more proud of Vicky and her achievements!! Her friendship means the world to me!

2) I am no longer a blonde! I am really excited to give my hair some much needed R&R and enjoy a different look for the next  months! I always go back to blonde right away to I am committing myself to at LEAST 6 months to a year for my hair to recharge!

3) KALE! I am newly obsessed with KALE! I used to hate kale but now I love it! I have been making amazing salads and adding it to my shakes lately! What a powerhouse of vitamins and it's really filling! Recipes coming!

4) I have been working tons for Coors and LOVING it! What an amazing opportunity for me. I get to experience so many different things. A couple weeks ago I worked a motor-cross event!

5) While my car was being fitted for a second key, Porsche gave me a brand new Jaguar convertible to use! I only got pulled over once!!

Stay tuned for more updates and recipes!