Thursday, January 16, 2014

Whey Protein Muffins!

Hey Guys!! So this week I have been baking up a STORM and it's been a blast! When you are trying to cut out carbs, sometimes you crave something like a MUFFIN! I made the Jamie Eason protein bars this week in three flavors: Carrot Cake, Pumpkin Spice, and Chocolate! 

First off, I think Jamie Eason and most body builders that go to extreme and unhealthy lengths for weight and image is a little creepy but her recipes are easy and clean so I have been enjoying them. 

You use oat flour which is basically ground oats (if you have a Vita Mix or Ninja, make your own!) and whey protein powder and baby food and spices! 

So here are my tips for you before you make some! USE FLAVORED WHEY POWDER!! I wanted to use up my gag worthy unflavored powder that I had thinking the rest of the ingredients would make up for the unflavored powder and those batches were tasteless - SO definitely use flavored powder. I used Body Fortress Vanilla Creme and it's super affordable and a good quality whey isolate for the price point. 2lbs is on ale at Kings now for $14 bucks!

If you don't like Stevia or artificial sweeteners, use some real sugar, just use like a 1/4th cup and more applesauce. I also used more spices than the recipe called for. 

Watch the cooking times! Mine were done in 22 minutes but I also portion them out in muffin tins instead of a large batch that I have to cut later so that probably has something to do with it. Whey cooks VERY FAST!

The pumpkin ones were a hit with my boyfriend and everyone more than any other flavor. He had them with honey. YUM. 

I have them for breakfast or an afternoon snack! It's been fun having a guilt free MUFFIN! You can make them so many ways, too! Add nuts, sugar free chocolate chips, cranberries, anything you want!


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