Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Iconic Chanel J12

Have you ever had a watch you were obsessed with? Like when you see it on other people you sit there and stare and even if you are walking, you smack into the wall because you literally couldn't stop staring? For me, that watch is the Chanel J12.

Chanel J12 is a watch range made by Chanel was launched in 1999. It's a unisex watch and has a style that has become widely recognized with its clean lines and fusion of masculinity and femininity. They came out with two ceramic watches - black and white. White is my favorite but I also really love the black.

 When the movie "The Blind Side" same out - I went because in the previews I saw Sandra Bullock wearing a white J12. She wore it in every scene so I could obsess for over two hours!! Sure the movie was heart warming and had a good message and junk but I only cared about one thing. THAT WATCH!

I think what I like about them is that they are so over the top. They are hard to get anyway and they make some that are just insane. Check this one out:

Chanel J12 Sapphire limited edition, 12 pieces only. Made of 18K white gold, equipped with self-winding movement, 425 baguette-cut diamonds inlayed, 28 carats in all; 338 baguette-cut Congnac-brandy-colored sapphire, 14.5 carats. To finish the inlaying job, masters spent more than 350 hours on each watch. (PS this watch is a cool $650,000)

I tried this baby below on in the Chanel store in Encore in Vegas and about wet my skinny jeans. 

With so many styles how can a girl choose?

Now that I planted the seed, you will see them everywhere. You see them a lot on celebrities but if you pay attention, a lot of people have them - or more commonly ones that try to be the J12.

I went with the first style made - the white J12 ceramic in their largest size - the 44mm. I have been wanting it since I was in my mother's womb and I don't regret it. It's an investment piece and it's important to get something classic and something you know you will get a lot of use out if. I love it. You can always buy diamond bezels later but this is chic and perfect for everyday.

Watch out for my Michael Kors watch post coming up next!!


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  1. I love this collection of Chanel watches that give celebrity look to wearer. This are perfect to flaunt your disciplined personality.