Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Hermes H Belt

Hey All! So my friends Komal and Sara inspired this post - Komal is in the market for an H belt and Sara said I should follow my thrifty posts with something more lavish - enter the iconic, one of a kind, best belt investment of your life - The Hermes H belt!

I have wanted this belt forever but I didn't buy it till this January. I have purchased many even more expensive ones from Louis Vuitton in the past that I absolutely LOVE but I get the most USE out of my Hermes H belt. (It also doesn't hurt that my last name starts with an H!)

This is not the best picture of me - and these pants now fit a lot less tight (horray!) - but the only one I could find in my phone wearing my belt - PS the top I got at the ARC!

The Hermes H belt is a total classic. It's also the best buy you can make at Hermes. Everything from Hermes costs a fuckton of money and this piece is the one that actually costs the least as far as buckles and will make the biggest statement. You can buy it in several finishes and "fonts" on the H. I prefer the classic with a high polish finish - I bought it in silver but I am going to buy the gold next time I have a great commission. Here is a picture of the one I bought:

When you buy your first buckle, you need to buy the belt, too. You might be tempted but do not buy the leather belt from somewhere else. It never fits completely right and you might as well do it right if you are going to do it. The leather belts are reversible which is awesome. I bought the brown/black combo to start which is what I think everyone should do because you can't go wrong with brown and black. You will get the most use out of it. My next belt will be something funky like turquoise or orange or pink!

 I am in the process of losing some pesky pounds I gained over winter and my gold buckle will be my reward when I get them off. I can't wait! The belts are actually more expensive than the buckles. Depending on the finish, the buckles are $250-$300 and the leather belts are the pricy ones - starting around $400. Since I already have a belt, all I really need is the buckle. This may seem like a lot but for the benefit, it's really not. This is such an investment piece.

I probably won't splurge on a second leather belt right now because I am voluntarily working less and don't need to be spending money like an Arab Sheik.

This is the buckle I want next!

The H belt is iconic and will NEVER go out of style. It's classic, chic, and can be super dressy or casual. I wear mine with jeans or dresses. I have seen 90 year old ladies rocking out this belt. It's just, like, the perfect belt.

Takeaway tips - 1) Do NOT buy one on eBay or anywhere but Hermes or a reputable consignment site. The real ones sell close to what they retail for anyway so you might as well buy it fresh from Hermes and get the whole "experience" and peace of mind that it's authentic. 2) The brushed finish is a good idea because it hides scratches easier but the high polish is super cool. 3) Do not buy a fake one. (Never buy a fake anything - just go without until you can get the real thing.) Believe me, a trained eye can always tell a fake - even a good one. I can sniff out a fake anything like a bloodhound. DO NOT ATTEMPT. 

Show me your belts ladies!



  1. wow nice collection of Thin Belts with matching dresses. thanks so much for everything you’ve put into it this blog has me coming back time and time again.

  2. great post. have you purchased your second? what size do you suggest? working on getting my first. :)

  3. Hi Rachel,
    Really Nice Article. You have shown amazing collection of leather belts that looks great. The essence of versatility in Leather belts make them one of the favorite women's accessory in wardrobe.

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  4. Thanks for your comments everyone!! I have not purchased a second but it will be the same one I got in the silver but GOLD!! I love me some flashy gold!!

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