Monday, April 16, 2012

Udderly Smooth

I am writing this chuckling because I realize my last several posts have been about going to thrift stores, getting bargains, and not paying full price for expensive items. I think this is funny because as you guys know, I can spend money like an Arab Sheik.

Over the years, I have tried numerous face creams. I have a oily/dry face depending on the zone. I haven't found anything I have loved. I have tried mid range face lotions like ones from Olay and Dove to expensive ones from Chanel, Clinique and Laura Mercier. I haven't found anything I would buy again - and I have been trying a new one for years.

Lately, I have had a problem with dry skin around my mouth area. It's just dry and some days peels and I hate it! A couple weeks ago, I tried all kinds of things from not washing that part of my face, applying Burt's Bees to the dry areas, and of course applying tons of moisturizing lotion. I was a little exhausted with my face because it was still dry and just wasn't looking like I wanted it. I am eating super healthy and my latest face lotion I bought from Clinique just for dry skin wasn't working. I was like, WTF.Even my Mom said something at work.

I went to the Dollar Tree on County Line and Broadway to buy some gift bags for some presents. I decided since I wasn't on a time frame to browse through the store to see what kinds of things were there. I went in the makeup isle. For the most part, it was super cheap stuff in really creepy colors. Not cute.

I went over to the lotions and scanned them and this bottle with a cow hide motif caught my eye:

I read the back and it said that it was "formulated to rehydrate cow udders". Well if this stuff could rehydrate a COW'S UDDER, I would hope that it could rehydrate my FACE!

I threw it in my cart. A buck for two ounces. The last Clinique lotion I bought was something over $20.00 for a couple ounces so I already had a steal. I came home and looked at the ingredients. They weren't all that different than all the other creams I had been using. I decided to try it out. Washed my face, applied it and went to bed.

The next morning, MY FACE LOOKED GREAT! My dry spots were practically gone and only would be noticed by me because I knew they were there but nobody else.

THIS SHIT ROCKS!! It's not greasy at all and it dries in minutes. I spilled some on my shirt and it didn't make a mark. I have been using it every single day since I bought it and my dry spots are gone. I use it on my arms and legs but it's honestly the best face cream to moisturize after cleansing I have ever used. It's also a dollar for a two ounce bottle. A DOLLAR! LOVE.

If you go on Amazon and do a search for it, there are tons of reviews - all positive and all with 5 stars.

There are also a ton of uses for it. It's recommended for people with clinical dryness and also recommended for people undergoing Chemoptherapy and a lot of doctors actually give it out with cancer patient starter kits. You can buy it a lot of places. Click here for stores. If you go to the Dollar Tree on County Line, sorry, it's sold out for now. :]

The ONLY draw back is that it doesn't have SPF but if you use foundation that has SPF, you are covered there. 

If this stuff was $91.00 for 1.7 ounces like the Chanel Precision Hydramax that just came out, I would probably buy it if I knew the results ahead of time. Luckily, I can save my extra $90 bucks to put towards a worthy splurge like a fab belt - which unfortunately, I will never find at the dollar store.

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