Friday, June 21, 2013

High Five for Friday!

 Can you believe another beautiful week has rolled around?! Here are some of my highlights for my High Five for Friday!

1) My week started out super fun on Sunday - I entered my Panamera in its first car show! We got rained out and left early so I don't know if I won but it was fun to show off!

It was fun hanging out with my brother, Darrel! Note the beef jerky in his pocket.

2) Monday, Vicky and I had a great workout and treated ourselves to sushi at Blue Moon after! mmmmmmmm Dinner Box B!

3) Britney and I officially booked our trip to Milwaukee in August! We are super excited :)

4) Last night, I worked an amazing concert for Miller Lite last night at Lodo's South. It was Sisco! Remember that "Thong Song" from high school? Super fun!!

5) My sweetie brought me roses today and whisked me off to more sushi for lunch!! (He also brought my Mom flowers. SCHMER!)

Have a wonderful weekend friends!!


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