Wednesday, September 18, 2013

My Subscription ADDICTION!

I am sure you have probably heard of the new up and coming sample subscription services like Birchbox or even BarkBox for dogs. Well let me tell you about my subscription addiction!

On a walk with my neighbor Kirsten this morning, we were talking about how we both want to cut back on unneeded things like a billion channels on our cable that we don't watch and that would free us up to splurge on other things like hair or a mani pedi or whatever we wanted that we usually don't do. My mini splurge each month is my makeup sample subscriptions. If you don't know what it is, every month I get a box in the mail and inside it is beauty products that I am interested in and I get a deluxe size sample so it's usually a half or quarter size of the full size and lasts a long time or in every box, there is also a ful size sample of something that more than pays for the box.

I recommend starting with ipsy! 

With ipsy, its $10.00 a month including shipping and you get a reusable makeup bag full of awesome stuff and a cute bag! You also tailor your profile to products you get are ones you want. Like for me, I am not a huge perfume person so I put no perfume samples on my account and you can  change it if you want to start using perfume.

 Here is my bag from this month. This month, I got a full size eye shadow that more than paid for the whole thing, a Butter London nail polish mini that I LOVE the color for fall (and who doesn't like mini's!), and a couple other things that will be fun to try like liquid eyeliner (also full size) and a lip gloss that is a little too red for me so I am going to save it and give it to a friend! This month got over $50.00 in product.

Here is a link so if you sign up, I get points to use for makeup and if you sign up through that and if you refer your friends, you get your own unique link, too! You can go month to month or for me, I pay for the year up front and then it for some reason feels like more of a gift when it appears every month and I don't have to "pay" for it. If there is a product you love, you can buy the full size at a discounted price, too!

Once I did ipsy for a few months, I was hooked.

I signed up for Birchbox which is also $10.00 and I love it, too! Every month, there is always something I normally wouldn't buy or try so that's the fun of it, trying new things and if you don't like it, it's not like you spent $50 bucks. With Birchbox, sometime you get fun stuff like stationary or a passport holder or super cute hair clips. Here is my August Birchbox and I am getting September today!

Makeup subscriptions make great gifts. I have signed up a few friends for 6 months worth as gifts and they loved it.

There are a million sample subscriptions out there - some are really expensive and some are not. For $10 bucks, these two are a steal.

I will blog later this week with the other ones I use (there is one I just signed up for that is $8.00 a month if you do a whole year and everyone I know that does it says it's incredible!) but I figured this would be a good place to start if you have never heard of this. I recommend trying it out for a few months. It's so nice to get a little treat in the mail every month!


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