Sunday, April 29, 2012


I have never been a lipstick girl. My entire life I have always had big lips and it wasn't until I grew up that I realized this was a good thing and realized all the botox, lip plumping, etc money I would save. My makeup routine has always revolved around the eyes. I have always been a shadow junkie. I love playing up my eyes and doing more of a natural/nude/sheer lip. I have never been a lipstick girl. I always felt dated and never really thought I pulled it off. I tried my first lipstick that I LOVED a couple years ago when wandering MAC stocking up on my favorite eyeshadows. I will dedicate a whole blog on the eyeshadows because it's taken me many hits and misses over the years to find the best shades. I have been using MAC eyeshadows and bronzers for years. They stay on all day. I mean all day - in college I did broadcast television and people would write me asking what brand me makeup was. It's really about the application and a good product but the product really does help. When I used to teach Confirmation at my church, I had clinics with the girls at the end of the year teaching them makeup techniques and sending them off into the world armed with all my secrets.

I choose MAC for eyes and bronzer. Their products may seem expensive but for what you get and how long they last, it's not. The eyeshadows are $15.00 each but one that I wear even everyday will last me 6 months whereas a cheaper brand that clumps and falls apart and needs more application will run out in 2-3. 

Anyway, at MAC, you get a free lipstick for every 6 empty eyeshadow cases you turn in. It's about a $25.00 value. It's so fun and I always look forward to my free incentive. Last night, my friend Vicky and I went to the mall and I presented my 6 empty cases for my favorite lipstick!

Drum-roll please.......


For me, Blankety is the perfect lipstick. It's a nude but not a super nude that makes you look dead. It has some pink in it so it has some color. It also smells like vanilla and is super creamy. It doesn't get dry and gross on your lips. It's from their creme line so it's super moist. I don't use liners because my lips are already so pronounced.

Before applying any lipstick, put on a base to hydrate your lips. I use Burts Bees. I put on Blankety and if I am feeling super spunky, I will put a gloss on top of it like MAC's Cremesheen in Over Indulgence.

If you have never tried a nude lip but always wanted to, I just saved you a lot of grief. This looks good on everyone. I have super white skin...and this is also Kim Kardashian's favorite nude - and she is basically the opposite skin tone from me.

This kind of lip looks especially awesome with heavier eyes but it's an all purpose color - or even if you just want some color when you are running errands.

Remember, turn in your empty eyeshadow cases for your free lipstick!


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  1. Thanks for the recommendation! Picked a tube up today. Hubby says I'm much more kissable without a sticky gloss. Bonus!