Friday, October 4, 2013

High Five For Friday: October Already?!

Oh hey did you notice it's October? Yep. Already 4 days in. *Wowza.* Time sure flies and it's already Friday! Here is my Friday Top 5 for the week! (In no particular order!) 

1) SUSHI. So I kind of sashimied myself out this past week. You might have seen the evidence on my Facebook page. I had it three times in one week and it was DELISH each time. :o) 

2) The Mayor and his peeps randomly stopped in to antique shop!

3) Tuesday night Eron and I caught Sister Act the Musical at the Buell and it was amazing. One of my favorite shows I have seen! Entertaining, laugh out loud funny, so well done. So much talent! Highly recommend! It's traveling across the country. Check em' out!!
4) I am loving my new nail polish from my Ipsy September bag - Butter London makes an awesome polish and this one is perfect for fall!

5) I rocked some amazing Coors gigs this past week and weekend. The Sports Column with Slacker and Steve was super fun! season is the busiest time of the year for evidenced by just a snippit of the back seat of my car this morning after picking up swag for the weekend!

What were your little thrills this week?


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