Friday, December 13, 2013

High Five for Friday

Oh hey! What are you up to today? Here are my Friday top 5's! It was a crazy week full of all kinds of ups and downs. Here are my favorite ups! :o)

1) My winter festival at the antique store went well considering the cold! Thank you to all my friends that came out (special shout out to Jamie for taking some awesome pics!)

 I just love having the reindeer, it's so magical! We get to feed them graham crackers. If you look closely, you can even see the crumbs on his muzz.

I love this picture of Peyton and I. She looks so regale and "oves" it. (Which she was - that dog refuses the cold!)

2) The Mile High Sports Magazine Party! It was so fun walking the red carpet with my girls and finally seeing the pics that we posed for in October! We also had a holiday party at Brooklyn's on Wednesday which was super fun. I love my girlies!

3) Last night, I had my favorite shrimp dish at John Hollys. I ordered seaweed salad instead of rice!

4) I set some boundaries with work and it was the best decision ever. I was unhappy with the dynamic and how something at work was continually affecting me so I was honest with myself and the people I needed to talk to and it went really well!! One pivotal change I can already feel the balance effect helping with my daily life in all areas. You can ALWAYS tell how good a decision was based on the amount of relief you feel.

5) When we got Peyton, I was worried about her dynamic with the cats. Well, it's awesome! They co habitate and Peyton is totally chill with them. It's amazing! Of course right after I took this picture, Gilbert looked at Peyton and BACKHANDED HER! #badkitty

What made you smile this week?


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