Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Rachel's Reality Show Moment - Garage Sale Millionaire!

Sooooooo one of the craziest things I have ever done in my life was in early 2012 when I was signed on as a character in a reality show called, "Garage Sale Millionaire" for CMT (Country Music Television). They needed a WOMAN that 1) knew about antiques 2) looked good on camera and felt comfortable on screen 3) could take off and go around the country filming a crazy reality show ASAP! 

At first I thought it was a fluke but when they said it was Bray Entertainment, I quickly googled them while on the phone and saw they produced Pawn Stars...so I quickly changed from skepticism to "Ok...I am listening...". 

Believe it or not, women who knew about antiques and weren't Jurassic were hard to find! After sending an audition tape, I was officially under contract for the first season of Garage Sale Millionaire within a few weeks of them calling me! I couldn't talk about it because of the confidentially agreement but the studio now gave me the go ahead to write about it!  Man it was such a fun time and to not be able to talk about it was REALLY hard.

It was a reality show with the premise that we are all garage sale experts that can go into a house and find all the hidden gems among the typical garage sale "junk". 

After the cast was set, we flew to Texas where we filmed the 6 day pilot. I was the only girl in an ensemble cast of like 10 guys. It was one of the craziest times of my life and I loved every minute! It rained everyday but we made it work.

 We stayed at a La Quinta in a pretty sketch part of town. I asked the front desk lady if there was a gym and she said, "Oh honey no we don't have those fancy jims but if you want to run around that there parking lot, I can have Vern the skerity gard watch ya!".

 We also drank more Coors Light than I have ever had in my life. Not complaining!

The show ultimately didn't get picked up and we waited over 4 months for the answer from the studio! It was insane waiting for that answer. If it was a no, everything went back to normal. If it was a yes, I was going to start shooting right away! I was fully prepared for either answer and while I was bummed it wasn't picked up, I get to take that experience with me and I will never forget it!! 

In between takes on the set!

 Candid of me texting! Surprise...

I never know where my life will take me but I am always happy to embrace what comes next and I am grateful look fondly on the adventures I have had. :o) 


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