Thursday, May 29, 2014

Rollin' On Tubs.

You ever hear the term, "Rollin' on dubs?" Well Peyton has her own version of that - it's "Rollin on Tubs". I take her tub with her wherever we go and she has several tubs. They are easy to clean and she likes small spaces so she feels comfortable in them. She is kind of like Linus from Snoopy with that blanket, except her blanket is nestled in a plastic tub. I take tub shots ALL THE TIME but here are some of my favorites. :o)

Here she is at coffee, she was in her tub and actually fell asleep like this. She had a blanket on her which was kind of like a thunder jacket. It makes her feel secure, the blanket and the tub.

This day we had a brand new Jaguar convertible to cruise around in. Yep, in her tub. 

This is how she usually looks in her tub.

...but sometimes she is awake!

...and sometimes she has a mustache on:)

this is one of my favorite tub shots.


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