Friday, August 22, 2014

Bronzed and Beautiful Sunless Studios

Hey All!

One of my favorite things EVER is hard working women. I am a hard working woman and it's not easy out there. That's why I absolutely love to celebrate and acknowledge all the hard working women out there doing the dang thing, especially the ones with kiddos! 

My friend Casie just opened a great tanning salon THREE STORES down from my doll shop on Broadway! It's super exciting! Cassie and I used to get into all kinds of trouble when we were kids, playing in our parents antique stores. Now, we are still trouble, but we are a little bigger :)

I LOVE SPRAY TANS! They are super fun and change your whole look. If you have never tried one, you have to try it just once.

Cassie's place is super cute. She has her own mini storefront right in her Dad's store which is Corky's Antiques on 1449 South Broadway.

Inside I love her color scheme! Turquoise and hot pink!

So Casie has a great formula that she customizes each spray tan to your individual needs.If you have never done a spray tan because you are afraid of looking like this:

 Or this.
Don't worry!! Casie's are SUPER NATURAL looking. In fact, not one person has said, "Oh nice spray tan". If people say that, it's probably not a good thing. People are saying to me, "You look so healthy". "You are glowing" "You look relaxed", etc. Now THAT is a good thing. Her spray tans give you that little extra kick and glow that makes you look naturally glowing and beautiful.


It's super nice to have it two door down from me. I can just walk in! The first time I went, it started raining! AAHHH! So I totally put on a trash bag and walked down Broadway. I was a BAG LADY ON BROADWAY!!

I love the tans for my Coors Gigs!

Go see Casie! She just opened a couple weeks ago. Her salon is totally adorable and she is such a bad ass. I just love her! Here she is with her Dad, Corky, on her wedding day. SCHMER!!!

Bronzed and Beautiful Studios is at 1447 South Broadway! Follow her on Facebook!

If you mention my blog, you get a special price on your first tan!! She also has a referral program if you refer your friends! I can't wait to see your healthy glows!!


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