Thursday, December 18, 2014

Remember That Time You Had A Blog?

Well, this is embarrassing. It's really hard for me to start things and then fall short but I am realizing it has been almost 3 months since I have blogged. Blogging for me is super theraputic and I especially like to do it during Lent when my Facebook is deactivated. Maybe that is cheating a little but it's really fun to do during that time, I get really inspired and I have free time to do it, LOL.

It has been three months since I made an entry and in the last 3 months, life has been amazing, crazy, hard, sad, exciting, and pretty much anything else one would expect.

If you follow my Facebook page, you probably know the highlights but in an effort to check in, I would like to share some snapshots of the last couple months. Here are the top 10 things.

1) I helped save my buddy Patrick's bulldog - we rigged up my Grandpa's oxygen tank to fit him and he pulled through! He also spent the day with me at the doll shop. I cant. I just. I love him in his little oxygen goggle and he makes such a cute grumpy Frenchmen.

2) I flew to Chicago and earned my International Society of Appraisers certification. It has been a goal for a long time and I met some amazing friends! 

3) I went to Vegas overnight and filmed a show - which will air on February 19th, 2015 on the History Channel :)

4) I flew to Seattle with my Mom and did a great doll show for a couple days - I had a blast with my doll friends! 

5) Darrel ate a french fry sandwich.

6) Halloween as a gold digger!

7) Media frenzy with The Green Mile vs. Antique Row in November. It is ongoing and was really crazy, it's still going but really swept me away for most of the month. I will be on The Today Show in about 2 weeks - watch out for me!

8) Started and continued construction on my Broadway office. It was a lot of work and a true labor of love for myself and Eron who basically made it happen. The place was a complete mess - here is a picture the day we started. It has come a really long way. It's really different when you do the work yourself and spend your hard saved money on a project.

9) I found Eron's cat Gilbert on my bed one night like this:

10) Went on an amazing hike with my best friend and her husband and Eron. It was a really great Sunday. We explored a couple great placed to eat in Colorado Springs.

Thank you for sticking in with me folks, through times of lots of not so much posting. You will be seeing a lot of me during Lent :)


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