Thursday, January 8, 2015

Pictures of a Bulldog Who Can't Even. Like, She Literally Cannot.

This dog just can't even. 

This dog is 100% over it - and these plastic tubs.

This dog seriously can't stand fleur de lys patterns on her towels.

This dog has absolutely had it with tiny hats. 

This dog simply cannot with these huge Victorian hats and hooker wigs. 

Like, seriously, can you just not? 

No, I cannot even without the hat.

This dog can't fucking believe her mother put her in diapers. 

"I am over foam fingers on Bronco Sunday." - This dog.

"...and New Years Eve. Seriously just stop." - This dog. 

This dog can't believe she is getting her picture taken right at this moment. She wishes it would just go away.

This dog has had it with Christmas photos...and that ridiculous elf necklace. WTF.

This dog isn't even close to handling the quality of this portrait of her - and having to take a picture next to it. OMG.

This dog could literally not give less of a fuck. 

Can this dog even? No, it cannot even. 

Can this dog from a chair? Nope, this dog can't literally anywhere. 

"Like, WTF are adults doing MOST of the time?" - This dog.

This dog is all, "Jeeves, the fuck?"

"Like for you are putting me on sideboards for display? Like the actual fuck." - This Dog. 

This dog wants to know why she isn't still in her bed while wrapped in this stupid peace sign blanket. 

This dog just wants it all to staaaaaaaaaaaaaaap. 

Like for real. Even at the groomers. Just staaaaaaaaaaaaapppppppppp!!!

Because, this dog just seriously can't.

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