Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Appraiser Polish - Wedgwood Pottery

Lately, I have been doing a special trick to learn my antiques...I have been choosing polish that reminds me of a kind of antique that I want to learn more about. 

I choose this polish by Nails, Inc this week because it looks like Wedgwood porcelain.

Josiah Wedgwood and Sons, commonly known as Wedgwood, is a pottery firm. Wedgwood was founded on 1 May 1759 by Josiah Wedgwood and in 1987 merged with Waterford Crystal to create Waterford Wedgwood, an Ireland-based luxury brands group. 

Wedgwood is most famous for their blue and white design – which I LOVE.

The color blocking effect and timeless blue and white is SIMPLE but so vivid and exciting at the same time. I really like the matte finish. It's also somewhat affordable right now - it's also very durable and if you get the earlier pieces, it's really high quality. (Hint - blue is the most common but also my favorite - green is rarer!)

You can find cameos, pendants, and other accessories in this pattern. The neoclassical patterns are really fun and if you look closely, you can see how the Romans lived and get a little peek into history on your vase!

Next time you are out and about, keep your eye out for some of this porcelain. If you need a pop of color in your decor, I highly recommend it.

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