Friday, October 5, 2012

I have a date and it only cost me hundreds of dollars!

Happy Friday friends! I seriously can't BELIEVE it's been another week. Like it went so fast, my head is spinning.

I am sure you have seen all the hilarious pictures of me in 1920's clothing with all my friends. It was a charity auction called "Donate2Date" where you bid on bachelors and bachelorettes and all the proceeds go to charity - 100%! Children's Hospital rehabilitated by little brother when he had a traumatic brain injury when he was five. I was eight and spent nearly a year at that hospital everyday after school. The nurses and programs were so amazing and Children's has always been special to me - so this event was a not to miss. My gorgeous friend Jamie was a bachelorette and my friend Michelle was my date. We also had lots of other friends there so it was fab.

Here is a favorite picture of Jamie and I!
The venue was great!
Love these ladies!
 I know I am doing "duck face" in this picture below but whatev. We look HAWT!
Now you guys know I like to spend money like an Arab Sheik so when the bidding opened for Brien, I went for it. I totally didn't expect to win - but I did. Yippie! Here's right after the win.I also got that blue hat which I am assuming is gracing the head of a bum on Broadway right now because it didn't make it home.
 Always representing, we toasted with Coors Light!
It was much to my surprise that I won - and I was stressed because I had to bid on Jamie still and I brought ONE check to try and stop me from this very situation! Here's the winning look. I was like, F*CK! LOL
I was outbid on Jamie but gave it a good shot (don't worry folks - if I won her, I always keep a stash of cash nearby for unexpected fun so it would have been all good) but Jamie went for over $500 and I was so proud of her! You GO girl! She looked amazing. I almost cried when I saw her on stage I was so proud.

This was a rocking good time and we are all definitely going to go next year. They raised thousands for the Children's Hospital and we had some good clean fun! =]

Have a great weekend Smoochies! 


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