Tuesday, April 3, 2012

OPI: Did You 'ear About Van Gogh?

I love a new great quality nail polish in a fun color. Over the winter, I was borderline uncomfortably obsessed with OPI's Russian line. I loved the "Midnight in Moscow" color. It was a super deep purple that from a distance looked black but wasn't as harsh.

My lovely friend Karen gave me an amazing Easter basket over the weekend filled with all kinds of miniature beauty products I can't wait to try. Look out for future blogs! Among the great stuff was a new nail color from OPI's Holland collection called, "Did You 'Ear About Van Gogh?" Vincent Van Gogh was a post impressionist Dutch painter. You may know him for his vibrant paintings of Starry Night, sunflowers, wheat fields and a number of portraits and self portraits. The story of Van Gogh's lost ear is a famous one. It was originally thought that he cut it off himself during a fit of madness. More recently, historians argue that it was sliced off with a rapier during an argument with his friend (and fellow artist) Paul Gaugin. They purportedly kept a pact of silence so no-one knows the real story. The name of the polish is funny - yet morbid.

The color is a light super sophisticated neutral color. I applied 3 coats but only needed two. This would make a great work polish or for when you need something understated but still chic. Chips aren't as noticeable with this color either. I am going on three days and it's still perfect (with a great top and bottom coat) Putty polishes like this are still neutral and conservative but not boring. They still have kind of a rock and roll edge. People will look twice to figure out what color it is.

I highly recommend this color. Thanks Karen!

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