Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Michael Kors Watches

Now that I have just blogged about extreme, over the top, lavish J12 watches, I wanted to follow it with something a little more practical. Don’t get me wrong – I love my J12 but the fun thing about fashion is that it doesn’t have to be expensive to be amazing. There are several lines of affordable watches out there. My favorites being  Michael Kors. 

People notice watches. Believe me.  Especially if you are in sales like I am, you don’t want something too fancy but you definitely want something good. It’s just like a good bag or shoes. Accessories matter and watches are one of the four most important accessories. For women, here is the order of importance: Bag, (Jewelry which is your watch), Belt, and Shoes. Choosing between a great bag and watch for me is like Sophie’s choice – pretty impossible. Still, bags trump all and if you need a great one, I am happy to offer suggestions. 

Anyway, back to the watches. 

If you aren’t quite in the market for a white or black J12 but want the lavish look anyway, get what I got to start and that is the Michele Deco ceramic with a diamond bezel. I bought these in white and black and used the hell out of them before getting my J12. 

They hold their value and they are a great solid watch. I sold them to my Mom when I bought my J12 but they are still in the family and look awesome on my Mom and she really loves them. They come in a lot of fun and funky styles but my advice on funky styles goes back to the J12 – keep the funky stuff for when you are so rich and bored you just need to waste your money on dumb shit or buy inexpensive fun and funky watches.  With an investment piece, you want to buy a classic look. Trust me on this. 

My favorite brand of affordable fun watches is Michael Kors. For a cool $150 - $450 you can get a great watch. I am wearing my two tone yellow and rose gold “Bradshaw” watch as I type this. I have it layered with all kinds of bangles and it’s so much fun.

 I am on a flight to NYC right now and I wore my Kors watch for this trip because it’s stylish and if some hoodlum puts a gun to my head, I will have no problem slipping it off if he wants it. Of course I would slip off my J12 in the same sitch but why risk it. Honestly, my Kors watch is flashier than the J12 anyway. My Mom said it looks like, “something a thug gangster would wear” and she is right. (Flava Flav liked it when I ran into him in the lobby of the Desmond yesterday!) I freaking love it.

Michael Kors is close to over saturating his watch market because he has produced so many and I have a feeling he might crash and burn in the future (so don’t buy one thinking it’s an investment) but for right now he is staying strong and coming out with some cool stuff.

My fav Kors watches are the oversize gold watches. I especially love them layered with all kinds of fun bracelets.

I also like the tortoise shell styles. 

My friend Lindsay recently got this one and I really like the twisted band. 

They also make a decent ceramic watch. Here is Britney and I in the Michael Kors store in Vegas. I bought a white ceramic and oversized gold men’s chronograph on that trip. That was a fun trip. Check out my dark hair!

My friend Karen has this one and it’s super cute. 

Here are my takeaway tips about buying Kors or watches in general: 

  1. ·     Don’t buy anything because I said so or because you think that’s the one you should get over the other because you saw it in a magazine or whatever. My number one rule about fashion is that you should wear what you feel. Get a watch the suits your personality. My Dad wears a Timex from Walmart and the back is taped together with Duct Tape - and he has more money than God – and you know what? It suits him and his personality perfectly and I love it. Get what you like.
  2.      Don’t EVER and I mean EVER buy a fake watch. (This goes double for purses.
  3.      If you cruise eBay and the sale rack at Nordstrom or even Nordstrom Rack, you can pick up Kors watches on a sale. Even at full price though, I feel they are a worthy investment and there are not many things they I feel is a good value at full boat – so you are safe here. Enjoy watch hunting!


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