Sunday, June 3, 2012

Catching Up!

Hey All! First off - my apologies for being MIA! It's been a busy and productive last couple weeks.

A couple weeks ago, my Mom and I flew to Milwaukee for an overnight doll show.

We fit a lot of fun into that trip. It's always nice to catch up with our customers in person! There was a fun luncheon on a historic hotel - the Pfioster Mansion. I loved Milwaukee and can't wait to go back.

The day after we came back, our doll friends Michael and David came through town and we took them out for a fantastic lunch at Sushi Den. I had one of my favorites - sashimi!

That weekend my Mom and I had a chance to check out the YSL exhibit at the Denver Art Museum. OMG. It was amazing. My cousin from Nashville is visiting right now and I am going to take her because she loved fashion. Before my Mom and I went to YSL, we went out for SASHIMI! They also had a AWESOME seaweed salad. 

The next day, my friend Alyson and I went to Bluefin for...SASHIMI!

Monday of this week my cousin Sara and I had reservations at Fresh salon for a spa day and they somehow messed up our reservations...but told us AFTER they took off our polish so I gave myself my own pedicure right in the chair. 

I have really been into stacking things next to my new Michael Kors two tone watch and someone came in the antique store and sold me these fun bangles which I am loving!

This post was kind of rando but I have had lots of requests for posts which I can't wait to do so stay tuned. Have a wonderful rest of your weekend Lovers!


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