Thursday, August 23, 2012

Dior Airflash Spray Foundation Review

So when I see something on TV or in the mall that I think, "That looks cool, I might try that sometime!" I put it onto this little note on my phone to remind me later. One that has been on there for about a month was Dior's Airflash Spray on foundation after I saw a thing on the Today show about how AMAZING it is. They said it looked like you were airbrushed like from a magazine after putting it on and it was so easy and convenient. They said it will change your life. Those are strong words when talking about foundation so it sparked my interest.

It's a little pricy at $62.00 but most designer or high end foundations are around this price so that didn't phase me too much but it's in a little bottle so I am thinking that it's going ti run out quickly. I was told it would last about 3 months. I had read so many positive reviews, I thought, "eh, what the hell" and bought a bottle at Nordstrom after talking to an associate about it and trying it. I also had in the back of my mind that spray on foundation has the potential to be total DISASTER.

I couldn't wait to try it fresh in the morning. I had tried it at the counter but since I already had makeup on, I couldn't get a real idea. So the next morning, I sprayed it in a "Z motion" as I was instructed about 10 inches from my face. When I pulled the bottle down and looked in the mirror, I was - airbrushed - kind of reminiscent of spray paint. I looked like a version of Johnny Depp in his new creepy movie.

It was also on my lips and in my eyebrows. I am not sure how to get around that because you are supposed to spray it directly on your face and how would you cover your eyebrows? Even if you could, what a hassle! I took my kabuki brush and blended it and then applied my face powder.

It works totally fine but not worth the expense in my opinion. It was a fun idea because I don't like getting foundation on my hands but you have to use your hands to blend anyway and oddly, it doesn't have an SPF which is super important. I have have given it a solid month and tried applying it from every angle and every amount from light to a lot and I have never thought once, "oh this product is amazing".  The SPF thing is also huge for me. A a recent work trip, my Mom used it and halfway through the day I remember looking at her and I asked he if she has used it because she looked like she had too much makeup on.

I say, skip it.

Some of my favorite foundations that are expensive but worth it are:

1) Chanel Pro Lumiere but I think it's discontinued! Sad days. I bought my last one on eBay.

2) Smashbox High Definition Healthy Foundation

A great cheaper drugstore foundation that I have bought MANY times is L'Oreal's True Match! It's about $10.00 a bottle and a great product!

Remember, always take off your makeup at night, no matter how tired you are!


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