Thursday, August 30, 2012

Shop With Zoe!

Newsflash! I love to shop. I also like really expensive things - however, you guys know that unless it's Louis Vuitton or an accessory like a Hermes H belt, I never pay full price for anything - let all the other people do it and reap the benefits by shopping consignment shops! One of my favorites is Zoe's on 626 East Kentucky in Denver on the West side of Wash Park!

 I met them back in the day when they were looking for a location and looking at the space next to my antique store. That would have been trouble! :) Harper and Zoe work the shop and they buy awesome things and offer them at great prices. Here is a list of designers they buy and sell,  I have bought fantastic shoes, a great Missoni top, and jeans here. I have also sold them a lot of my things as well - generally always for a store credit.

 One time I was eyeing a cute Kate Spade bag and then it said sold.

I didn't think about it again until at convention in New Orleans, my beautiful friend Catherine showed up with it!! Glad she snagged it!

 So every year they have a "10 Dollar Bag Sale" where you literally pay 10 bucks for a bag and can fill it to the brim!! It's seriously UH-MAZING.

Women come through and buy 10 bags. I would! Unfortunately, I got there on day two which I will never make that mistake again. Even though almost everything was gone, I still got tons of great things. Here is a sampling of the tags I removed from all the clothes I picked out. Check out my savings!

  For my $20 bucks, I got 6 pairs of designer jeans, several other awesome pieces with tags still attached, a great $135.00 Ann Taylor dress, $75.00 J Crew shorts, a $85.00 Ralph Lauren top for my Mom...and I don't even know what else. I just grabbed whatever looked awesome. Almost everything had it's original tags. Check out my bags! My Gucci tote photo bombed my picture but I was in a hurry.

If you haven't been here, check them out. They are closed today and tomorrow getting ready for their fall preview which is on this Saturday the 1st. Check them out! Here is their website.


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  1. You are too darling! Thank you so much for your support and wonderful words. Hope to see you more often :) xoxo, Zoes