Friday, September 28, 2012

High Five for Friday!

What up?! Happy Friday! It's been a bit since I have done a High Five for Friday post so here it goes and in no particular order!

1) Monday I got to see Jason Mraz at Red Rocks with my friend Alyson and her daughter Ashleigh. It was an amazing show - he is SO talented. We also brought in sushi for a picnic before the show!

2) Last weekend I worked several promos for Coors. I don't know if you guys saw all the drama involved with the shoes my Mom bought. I still love them even though they are ripping Ralph Lauren and have worn them to every promo I have worked! They are so flipping comphy!

3) Sunday my cousin Britney and I had a wonderful breakfast at Toast and then planned a rando trip to Boston in a month. We are staying at the PLAZA! We are going to eat seafood and run around the city for four days and we are super excited. We got a package where they feed us as well so we are going to be living the high life for a few days. Here's the hotel!

4) Through the help of several friends (Jamie and James!) we found my good friend Kenny a new Boston Terrier that needed a home! He already had Pete and added Chubbs to his clan on Friday! The second picture with his little teeth sticking out cracks me up.

5) Favorite Facebook laugh of the week!

Enjoy your weekend friends!


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