Friday, September 7, 2012

Cousin Coffee Date To Remember

Happy Friday Pals! As most of you know, every Friday (unless one of us is traveling) my cousin Sara and I meet for coffee. We started Starbucks years ago and now that Sara is married and bought a cute house, we moved it to Solid Grounds in Lakewood. It's amazing that one year ago, this weekend, Sara got married and I was co Maid of Honor (with her sister Britney) in her wedding.

Well this morning, we met for our usual coffee and while we were chatting, some creepy guy asked if he could tie his dog that "he just found" to our table. The dog had tags and was obviously taken care of so it was a little weird that this guy was with this dog. We later found out he just wanted the reward.

The dog was also HUGE - like Beethoven huge. The guy leaves the dog with us and Sara and I continue chatting. As the creepy guy comes out of the coffee shop, the dog freaks at the thought of having to leave with this guy and takes off - taking the table with him. This was a large table, too. Sara and I are sitting there watching this unfold. It was kind of surreal. Here we are a few minutes after - table gone, coffee spilled. I was able to save my Americano before the madness.

The dog got his owners called so he is OK - and I have to hand it to him for getting away - even attached to our table. The table stayed with him about a block and a half and broke off. It was the size of the tables behind us.

The best part was Hannah flying in for Sara's party this weekend! It was a total surprise for Sara. It was hard for me to act normal this morning knowing Hannah would show up any minute. I LOVE this picture.

Sweet reunion!!

Welcome to Colorado Hannah! I am so glad you made it out. Remember all the amazing fun we had at Sara's Bachelorette party? Looking forward to celebrating Steve and Sara's first year of marriage and their cute house this weekend!


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