Tuesday, September 4, 2012

My Favorite LinkedIn Recommendation Made About Me Ever

“Rachel Hoffman is the most amazing person in the whole wide world!

She is smart, well groomed, and can spend money on stuff like an Arab sheik.

Rachel knows more about selling antiques online than anyone I have ever met. She could sell a ratty old doll to a stingy old investment banker and make him think it was the best investment he ever made.

And Wow! is she cute! A fact that really comes in handy when she's bossing you around. She's so cute that one would never guess she is totally addicted to Taco Bell. Where she's putting all those burritos is a complete mystery.

But aside from all that, she is really good at running Turn Of The Century Antiques. She hardly ever yells at me when I mess up her website. And... she has helped a couple other antique stores sell their merchandise online, as well. She knows her business thoroughly and does excellent work, when she's not jet-setting around with suitors.

Any antique store owner would be lucky to have her work there, even if it's just part-time, between all her other jobs.”

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