Saturday, February 16, 2013

Jimmy Choo Thrifty Shoe Swap!

So I love shoes. Shoes are one of my favorite things to buy. When I pull out one of my Black Label Ralph Lauren gold and patent leather heels - I instantly feel like a million bucks. Probably because I spent close to that on the shoes. That's one of the problems - sometimes amazing shoes are really expensive and you just have to splurge once in awhile to really get exactly what you want. I have about 8 pairs of REALLY good shoes. These are ones I only wear on special occasions and when they are not worn, they are kept in their original boxes, in their dust bags, tucked safely away.

Jimmy Choo came out with this absolutely FAB line of glitter heels. I think they are gorgeous. They are the perfect shoe for anything special. You can wear these with a simple LBD and that's all you need. Check some of these out. DROOL.

I am pretty much obsessed with them - and of course anything I tend to love that's in Neiman Marcus comes with that pesky whole paycheck thing - these bad boys start at $595.00.

My favorite pair I think was these crazy blue ones for $695.00 at Bergdorf Goodman right now.

I would totally wear those with a gorgeous white dress in the summer or on the Fourth Of July or really to any formal or fun event where I want to feel fancy and playful but hell no I am not going to spend that much money on something so trendy and redic...BUT!! I will spend $15.00!!

The other day, while strolling TJ Max, I found these bad boys by Nine West! They are actually really beautiful and were on the clearance rack! $15.00 I can handle. =]

I guess the moral of the story is - there is always a lesser expensive swap for most things and something crazy like glitter shoes, you are better off taking that route. There are some things where you just have to buy the real deal lock stock and barrel if you really want them but think about durability, wear-ability, and long term potential when making that choice.

Now to go TJ Max and get you some Glitter Pumps!

Happy Saturday!