Friday, February 22, 2013

High Five For Friday!

Hi Guys! It's Friday again! WOW! This week went fast. I am consistently finding myself with way too much to do but I always pull myself back and be thankful for too much than not enough! I worked a ton, fit in some me time and mostly stayed on my diet except eating a WHOLE box of Godiva truffles. Do Valentine's Day truffles count? Nah! 

Here are a few highlights!

1) I learned how to play banjo! Ok, not really but I tried during my boyfriend's Irish music session at Fado's Monday night. 
2) SUSHI! SSSSSSSUUUUUUUSSHI!!! Blue Moon on Colorado has the best sushi deal in town. This whole amazing platter was $20 bucks. HEAVEN!!
3) I bought this Christian Lacroix suit at the Zoe's sale for $8.00 and put it on eBay. I should get $300-500, I will keep you posted!!
5) Check my post from yesterday regarding these cookies. AMAZING and I can't wait to make more with other variations this weekend!!

Have a great weekend and week friends!


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