Friday, April 26, 2013

High Five For Friday!

Hey Peeps! Well it's been a wonderful week. Here are my highlights!

1) This week my Mom was able to come back to work. I can't at all stress how humbled and grateful I am that we have amazing doctors and medicine in the US and that she made it through and I think and pray for those who have been in these situations. I am also following through with my promise to not just pray when I want something :)

2) I bought my dream car! Yep, I totally did! One week ago! A Porsche Panamera 4S!! I have wanted one since they came out for the first time a few years ago. Life is short and I don't think I will look back and regret buying that dream sports car in the 20's. Loving it! Last weekend, Daddy and I drove all around town and thought we were hot shit! It was a blast and nice to let go and have some fun. People look at me and think I either have a rich boyfriend or rich parents. I got this beast with one thing: HARD WORK (and good credit!!) I flipping love it!

3) Friday night I had sushi at Blue Moon with my friend Dara - Dinner Box B which is my FAV!! I ate EVERYTHING. After, we went thrift storing which is one of my favorite past times!

4) Monday we filmed a episode for "Vintage Colorado" for PBS at the doll shop. We filmed ALL DAY and it was amazing! I can't wait for our episode in May!!

5) Sunday my cutie and I went to the Georgia O'Keeffe exhibit at the Art Museum. It was awesome, I really enjoyed it. They showcased a lot of works that she is not famous for which was really educational! This is one she IS famous for but is one of my favorites!

Have a wonderful weekend, Friends!!


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