Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Treasured Scarab

Last week, I had the opportunity to visit The Treasured Scarab on 25 East Dakota Avenue. I am the new marketing manager for Antique Row and I have been making a point to visit every store on Antique Row to see what we have to offer as an organization.

This charming Victorian bungalow is full of antique and collectible jewelry from Victorian times to the sixties. Specializing in Victorian, Edwardian, Art Deco, Nouveau, Indian & Mexican jewelry.

If you want something unique and wonderful, this is the store for you. The owner, Sryma Sotiriou sat down with me and we chatted a bit about her business and vision. Syrma has been on the same block for 31 years - she is one of the few dealers that has been on Antique Row since the early years and has survived with the changing times. She has been in her current location, a stunning little house since 1989.

Right as you step in, you know you are in a special place. Her store is decorated with amazing pieces of Denver history from the couture vintage clothing, to Native American jewelry, to amazing Victorian engagement rings priced from 3k-10ish. Awesome price point!

I spent a couple hours pouring over her jewelry - some making my heart skip a beat. She has everything you could ask for and also there is something in every price range. If you are looking for a gift or for something for yourself, this place is perfect.

"When I was a child and my Mom and I would go to department stores, she always knew where to find me. I would be at the jewelry counter with my face pressed against the glass in awe of the amazing things". Syrma recalls with delight.

Syrma has always had a passion for jewelry and it was evident because she was decked out with beautiful bangles and tennis bracelets - and she didn't know I was coming. That's jewelry passion right there. You wear it to wear it...because you're fab!

I splurged and picked up an amazing Christian Dior bakelite cuff on the left that she had - I couldn't leave without it. I wore it the rest of the day.

I asked Syrma what inspires her and she said it's a combination of the thrill of the hunt, the history associated with the pieces she finds, and helping people find something that means something to them.

Syrma goes to NYC and Europe several times a year finding treasures. I highly recommend this store for a gift for yourself or someone special. She also has a whole section for men!

I lusted after pretty much everything in the Native American case.

If you visit, tell Syrma "Rachel sent me!"


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