Tuesday, March 27, 2012

ARC Thrift Stores!

Over this past weekend, I got to have a great afternoon of girl talk and calorie burning with my awesome friend Michelle. We met at a 24 Hour Fitness out of my neighborhood - halfway between mine and hers. Exercising with a friend is such a great way to have a healthy date - especially when you have things to get off your chest...which was in our case, boys! Always something with those darn boys.

ANYWAY, my post is actually about thrift stores. As I was leaving the gym, I noticed it was next to an ARC thrift store. As you guys know, I am obsessed with the Denver ARC next to my work. It's always chock full of goodies every time I go in there. I decided to pop in this ARC for fun and I was in for a treat. I stayed for an hour and had to peel myself out of there. For a few bucks I got two fantastic Nike and North Face workout tops in mint condition which I have worn several times this week, a $4.00 George Foreman which I have cooked turkey burgers twice on, and my best find, a KILLER pair of Gap ankle length orange colored jeans which are so on trend right now. For under $30 bucks, I got several items that I would have paid that much for one of the items. (Well maybe not the Foreman. I saw those at Target last week for $9.99 I guess the Foreman fad is over.)

If you have never gone to a thrift store, you are so missing out. Just go in and start looking. It takes work. You look through 20 items sometimes before finding something decent but it's worth the work. I encourage you to venture in and if you want a good one, try the ARC on Broadway, or the ARC in Lakewood on Alameda!

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