Friday, March 30, 2012

High Five for Friday!

What up guys! We made it through another week. I am loving the weather today. Know what else I am loving? Here's 5 things!

1) I am loving my new photo editor that does this rocking 60's type color on photos. Here is a photo of me this afternoon at work. I updated it here and my LinkedIn profile.
2) I got a last minute invite for myself and a friend to attend a swanky black tie benefit for cancer research tonight. Not only is it a cause near and dear to me, I love an opportunity to get dressed up! (hence the updo)

3) My amazing girlfriends and Dad that have helped me navigate this rather challenging week.

4) GREEN SMOOTHIES! See my green smoothie post. I am still drinking them and they helped me today because I had clients all afternoon and didn't have time to sit down and eat. These travel well!

5) Hitting the gym. I was able to go almost everyday and twice this past week with my friend Michelle and I am feeling stronger, healthier, and overall just better. My mind is clearer and I am thankful to have the free time to be able to go.

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