Wednesday, March 21, 2012

To Wear or Not to Wear: Colored Jeans

So I have been pretty much ignoring all the emails I have been receiving from the stores I shop from regarding the latest seasons "must have" which is colored jeans. I think for the most part...they are pretty unflattering. Now if you have a super model body, you can wear any color jeans but for the majority of us ladies out there, the best jeans colors to stick with are: dark denim, black, and worn carefully, white jeans. I have several pairs of each color and they are definite staples. I buy really good quality jeans and line dry them - they last for years and are worth the investment. You can find great deals on eBay (only buy from reputable sellers) consignment shops and places like Nordstrom Rack. I just picked up a great pair of True Religion dark wash jeans there a few weeks ago. ANYWAY - I know I went off my point a little bit. The only time I would buy other colored jeans is if I wasn't planning on wearing them much and I would buy a cheap pair from Forever 21. I consider this trend just that - a trend. Not something that will have staying power.

So...if you are considering jumping on this trend - and you have your "skinny" jeans body rocking, (I am about 15 lbs away from mine) you should consider jumping this bandwagon with...MINT COLORED JEANS!!!!!!!

I freaking love them! Gorgeous!!! Stand out! Pop! WHAM! Once I get back to my skinny jeans butt, I might splurge for all my hard work and buy these Hudson ones below! I better keep drinking my green smoothies to get my green jeans! Love!

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