Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Seeing 'Murika

Hey Guys! So as you know, I recently went to Boston with my sister-cousin, Britney. We had a great time. The last several years we choose somewhere to go and take a trip - except until now we have always chosen Vegas...

So this time we decided to see America and go somewhere smart - and here comes Boston. College and learnun' town USA!

We took the red eye out at 11:30 at night which just added to the adventure. This was the last raw vegetable we were going to have for the next 5 days. 

We landed there at 5AM Boston time (3AM Denver) and went straight to our hotel. I don't know how I screwed up the reservations but I thought I had gotten a room for the night before allowing us to check in at 5 AM but it was a no go. They wouldn't let us check in till 3 in the AFTERNOON and it was 5 AM and we were up all night! I even tried to buy us a room which would have been totally fine except the hotel was completely SOLD OUT. Crap. What do we do?

We took to the streets. We walked through China Town at 6 AM and watched the sun rise. We sat in Panera for three hours before we could board our river cruise at 9:30. 

Setting sail!

We had fun on the cruise! We got off on one stop where we posed for some fun pictures - obviously sleep deprived, we got a little out of hand. 

 Britney saved me from this - after I begged and below this picture is just too amazing for words.
 We got some Boston fried food after our big trek. 

 We had a blast. When we finally got to our room, we were pleasantly surprised with the view.

 Over the next several days, we basically ran the town. Here are a couple favorite moments. 

 Room service!
 Rosemary fries in Common Park
 Random Aerosmith concert!
 The first day! We really saw the city and took in some amazing sights!
 Random pizza party at UGrill in the college area. We had wings too.
At The Melting Pot. Date night!
We ate her a few times - 150 years young! Best clam chowder ever!

I really do love it.

This was the stereo we rigged out of a bucket and Britney's cell phone and it worked AMAZINGLY!

All in all, these two cousins had an amazing time. Until next time Brit!

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