Friday, November 30, 2012

Around Here...

Can you guys believe that tomorrow is the first day of December? When I look back at my post around halfway through the year of the lessons I had learned so far, it was hard to imagine the year getting any more full but it has. I look forward in January of listing the second half of the year's lessons/fun stuff/memories.

December is one of my most feared and favorite months of the year. It's Christmas of course, my big 27, several friend's birthdays, my Dad's birthday and the biggest month of the year for retail shopping. I am looking forward to hitting it hard and squeezing every dollar and moment of fun out of it.

This last week flew by. In no particular order, here are a few highlights. My High Five For Friday!

1) I am SUPER excited to do the RESET cleanse with my girlfriends next week. I did it last September and loved it. I have been eating like a wolverine lately so this will be awesome. If you want to learn more, hit up my duder Jamie!!  Here is her awesome blog.

2) There has been some MAJOR MOTHER FUCKING GIRL POWER surrounding me and I am so proud! I want to give a shout out to Lindsay for rocking her new job and making positive and necessary steps in her life, my friend Michelle for putting her resume out there for a job she really wants, Karen for making the best bow dress I have ever seen for her Santa Pub Crawl, Jamie for continuing to expand her Empire and rocking her blog, Sara for getting four wisdom teeth pulled this week, Vicky for flying to Chicago and owning her residency, and for my Mom for getting the store organized and flying to Maryland for a doll show this weekend.

3) I had some personal growth this week and I am thankful when that happens.

4) The excitement surrounding the Holiday Open House at my antique store this weekend. The invite is on my Facebook. Please come out - it's a great day to see Antique Row!!

5) Several home cooked meals this last week from my cousin Joy who was in town from Nashville. We also hit up the ARC several times and got some amazing deals.

This weekend, I want you guys to think positive. Stop and look around at all that you have - I have done this several times in the last couple days and seriously, gratitude will change your life. When you run into a Grinch in the next couple weeks, cheer them up. There is so much to be happy about...but I will admit I am still not ready for Christmas music.


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  1. Hey Rachel,
    I'm Debi from Adorned From Above. I met you Friday night at the Ivy on the Glen. I have a spot for you to co-Host on Wednesday if you are interested. Let me know, and I can let you know what to do. also how would you want people to follow you.
    Let me know.