Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Day Drinking Tips!

Well today is the first day of spring...and I see patios, BBQ's and other fun events involving cocktails in the foreseeable future!

Day Drinking 101:
+ For every cocktail, drink a glass of water [ << this one's important ].
+ Eat protein while drinking - or anything really but make sure it's substantial.
+ Try not to mix…too much. Or do. Try not to have an early day the next day!
+ Carry snacks [ ideas: 100 calorie packs, dried fruit, & nuts or even a protein bar].
+ Do not party into the night [ if this happens, at least change clothes & brush your hair - this is not a worry for me because I am usually DONE by 5 if I don't follow my own rules].
+ Don’t over drink, no one likes a sloppy drunk. I am still mastering this one! UGH!
+ Use water, instead of bloating soda water for mixed drinks [ ex. vodka & water w/ a lemon ].
+ Order appetizers, not meals.



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