Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Tuesday Ten!

Hey Friends! It's been a BUSY last couple days. Non stop and wonderful! I wanted to share with you my Tuesday top ten of the last 5 days! In order of sequence, here is some of the highlights!!

1) Blue Moon double date with Vicky and Andy. I am obsessed with "Dinner Box B"!

2) Friday morning getting up at 5AM to work Keggs and Eggs for Coors! That has it's own post below!

3) Friday night had a double date at DOMO with good friends Danny and Jeremy! DOMO is SO good and such a fun and healthy place to eat. I <3 it!!

4) Saturday morning I got some coffees and met my cousin Sara at the ARC for some shopping. I found some amazing things - even a pair of Tory Burch flats!! WHAT! I also got some super awesome complies for around the house, Jessica Simpson polka dot heels, a picnic bag, and other amazing clothes for work. $60 bucks well spent! 

5) Saturday afternoon I worked two more Killians tasting gigs at liquor stores for Coors. It was awesome! I love just doing something totally different. The weekend was fun working the events because it was like being a part of the St. Pattys fun without the hangover and calories! I also got hooked up with some Killians after the gigs from the rep!

6) Saturday night was spent eating fajitas at home, going to the hot tub, and relaxing. Just what I needed coming off the last 48 hours!

7) Sunday my friend Dara and I went to an old folks home where my boyfriend played a free Irish music session to the old folks. We dressed as Leprechauns and brought cookies and handed out green Sprite. We even went through to all the rooms to the people who couldn't get to the concert. We danced, laughed, and handed out fun stuff and brightened their day. It was a really sweet and heart warming experience!

8) Sunday night Eron and I went to the Chinese buffet with my family. I don't particularly enjoy Chinese buffets normally but going randomly on St. Patty's actually turned out to be a lot of fun.

9) Last night we went to Zocalo on Broadway for some Mexican food - the salsa there is amazing! The food I wasn't obsessed with but the salsa was bomb.com!

10) Last night we saw Frightened Rabbit at the Gothic!! They put on an amazing show and we had a great time!

I am humbled and blessed to have had such an amazing last couple days. Glad I could share some of the highlights with you, my favorite peeps!



  1. Totally looks like you are having a blast, girly! We are both obviously TOO amazing and busy to care that we have barely talked! Hehe! Part of living a fab life, right? :) XO!

  2. RIGHT? I think about you all the time though and I am so glad you are doing fab and too amazing and busy to talk to me, I am guilty too! LOL! So funny!