Friday, March 22, 2013


Happy Friday Folks!!

So quite often, I need to be talked off a ledge. Sometimes it's worrying that I ate too much, sometimes it's that I am too busy, whatever. In hindsight, my stuff always seems like it wasn't worth the ledge walking but as women (and men!) or humans in general, sometimes we just have those moments. We have moments when we grab that third doughnut or take on too much responsibility.

There is a lot to do in life and as mothers, friends, family members, leaders, workers, everything that we are, sometimes someone get shorted.

My advice is to do your best to make the right decision you can for that moment and for larger decisions, ask your friends and sleep on it. Most of the time, you are usually in a situation you have been in before. So you can say, "if I don't eat this candy bar, I will thank myself in the morning" or "If I make this personal choice for my health (no matter what that might be - whether it's not getting drunk or going for a walk instead of lounging) I will thank myself later".

It takes work and self control. It's a choice. Choice is really powerful. The power of choice comes with a full understanding of options and outcomes.

One of my favorite quotes of ALL TIME is by Sophie Dahl: “The problem with life is, we often do things that will ultimately be self-destructive and make us unhappy, yet in that moment it seems like the best idea in the world. You have to be careful of moments - they're tricky things.”

Be careful of your moments. Enjoy your moments. Savor your moments. FEEL your moments.

Have a great weekend!


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