Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Statement Necklaces!

So today I got finished getting ready and my outfit was cute - mint skinny jeans, white button down, red suede flats. I felt cool and comphy but was thinking, I needed something to complete my outfit. Something to pull it together - and I put on one of my favorite statement necklaces - my antique red coral necklace. It's red so it matches my shoes and I am loving it. It transformed outfit. As Jerry Maguire says, "You complete me."

That's what statement necklaces do. They are like an outfit in themselves. You can wear very plain clothing but when accented well with a cool statement necklace, you can really have something special. Another one of my favorite statement necklaces I got just last week at an estate sale. It's seafoam green turquoise and it's just bananas.
Here are some crush-worthy statement necklaces.
The color on the purple one below makes me tingle.
Neon is so hot right now. I love pink and lime green neon the best and check out this one. I die. 

I absolutely love gold. This one below blows my mind.
This one reminds me of Cleopatra. Needs now!

I love black and gold. One of my favorite combos. This would be good for a formal event. 
Statement necklaces are fun because you can rock them with a cute T shirt or a lace top or dress. You can really get away with a lot. This one below is an example of one you could wear with a T shirt. I love the gray/turquoise/blue combo.

This turquoise one is kind of African inspired. I like the brown beading. 

If you check Pinterest, there are a lot of DIY's to make cool statement necklaces yourself and save $$!

Do you have a statement necklace? They are so hot now but they were also very hot in the 1920's so check your Grandma's jewelry stash and thrift stores are loaded with them. Get creative and make your own. Make your own unique statement and enjoy your creativity!


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