Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Polish Police

My Mom and I got manicures this week and I don't know WTF those ladies used as a base coat because both our manicures started peeling THE NEXT DAY. I was pissed. I took it all off because I can't stand picked off/peeling nail polish. I think I am obsessive over it from working in jewelry. You have to have pretty hands. I liked it though - but now I obsess over it - like when a chalkboard gets wiped off but there is still a speck of chalk. It's a problem. No polish is always better than nails all raged over so last night I grabbed my acetone and I said to myself, "Ehh, I'll just have naked nails for a couple of days..." and then I quickly realized I was hallucinating because I hadn't eaten dinner, snapped out of my haze and picked out my most recent polish purchase - OPI's "Steady As She Rose".

It's from the Pirates of the Caribbean collection. Most the other colors were gross looking but I actually fell in love with this. I wanted something simple and clean.

I LOVE it. I am a light skinned girl and this color is like a light pink/pastel/lilac color that is perfect for spring and summer. I love opaque polishes and light ones but on my skin that literally glows in the dark, I look dead. This is probably my favorite polish right now. One coat looks awful, two looks better and if you have time, three coats looks best. 

This looks gorg. I used 3 coats and a good base and top coat. You need to take your time and if you do, you can have a decent manicure that definitely gives the Asian ladies a run for their money! I still recommend getting a professional manicure/pedicure once a month (when I worked in jewelry I went every week but that was a business expense) to get rid of excess skin and then do your own polishes in between. Always buy a decent product. They aren't that much more than the cheap stuff and totally worth it. 

It’s a versatile mainstream color, but thanks to that pretty lilac-leaning hue and dreamy dusty quality, just a touch unusual too. What do you think? 


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