Friday, May 11, 2012

LaLa's Top Friday Fives!

Happy Friday, Bitches! Today I am so excited to launch my first guest blogger, the fab Lindsay Trujillo! As you guys know, she always steps out looking so amaze so I asked her if she could let us in on some of her secrets for her edgy rock and roll/everyday gorgeousness. Here you go! #LovesIt
Greetings, Fashionistas! As a fellow lover of fashion, makeup, and all things pretty, Rachel asked me to take a stylish stab at sharing some tips with her loyal readers.  Or....maybe she was just trying to keep me occupied while I'm laid up post-foot surgery.  Either way, I am happy to share with you a Friday Five list of my beauty must haves at the moment...

1)  Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Nail Polish in Hot Magenta with two layers of Rockstar Pink on top-- In order to celebrate (or mourn) my final pedicure for 8 weeks while I recover from foot surgery, I decided to go a little wild with my polish and bought these two colors during a late night trip to Walgreen's.  The result was a fun, very 80s glam rock look that sparkles in the sun and makes these little piggies look pretty!
2)  UltraPure Cosmetics--  My boyfriend's band mate and his gorgeous wife own a posh little salon in Denver- Brows on Upper 15th ( )    Pre-Christmas party season, I had him do a makeup consultation for me and I left the salon with my new "can't live without" mineral foundation and setting powder by UltraPure Mineral Cosmetics, a local company.  I have incredibly fair, almost vampire-esque skin so I use Bisque as my foundation color and Goddess as my setting powder color.  I am so pleased with the product and the service from the company when ordering online is incredible.  Check them out!
3)  Urban Decay All Nighter and Primer Potion--  Admittedly, I am a hard core Gwen Stefani fan- Gwenabee for those of you that know the term- and became obsessed with Urban Decay products when Gwen was reported in Seventeen magazine as wearing their blood red nail polish, Gash.  I know- NERD ALERT!  I have been a loyal user of all things Urban Decay ever since and always make a stop at the Urban Decay display when shopping at Sephora or Ulta.  Two products that I cannot live without:  Urban Decay All Nighter and Urban Decay Primer Potion.  Both of these are staples in my daily makeup ritural.  The All Nighter is a setting spray that I use once my fancy face has been applied.  It sets the makeup nicely and allows for all day (or night) wear.  Primer Potion (I use the original color but they do have some other shades) is a great way to keep your eyeshadow in place.  I suggest trying both products- they rock and the packaging is always cool!

 4)  Givenchy Mister Mat--  I have tried all sorts of primers to use underneath my foundation and setting powder and have never seemed to find something that doesn't make my skin feel too greasy.  I have oily skin and the right combination of primer and makeup seems to be difficult.  I recently splurged and purchased Givenchy Mister Mat.  I have not been disappointed with this product.  I love the texture- when applied it feels very silky and evens out my skin prior to foundation.  It can be used sparingly which really seems to help ease my mind since it is around $40 for a small tube.  However, the price tag is worth the results.
5)  Milk of Magnesia-- I saved the FANCIEST product for last....oh....wait.....    Your read that right-- I am using Phillip's Milk of Magnesia (tummy ache medicine) in my beauty regimen.  As mentioned above, I have very oily skin and am on a constant hunt for products that will control the oil slick that is my mug.  I will spare you all the scientific stuff I read on other blogs- all I know is this stuff works!  I use a clean makeup sponge and I apply a very thin layer of the Milk of Magnesia to my entire face.  You will need to experiment with the amount depending on your skin type.  Let it dry completely- if you have a chalky, white face- you put too much on.  Once it is dry, put on your primer and follow your normal routine with makeup application.  It isn't a cure-all for oily skin but it helps a TON.  I asked my Nurse Mom about this and she said that Milk of Magnesia has something to do with saline- which makes sense as to why it would dry oil up on your face.  She gave me a much better explanation than that- but I have a degree in Communications for a reason- no math and science.  I don't know....I'm just happy to find a $5 fix for a greasy face! 

Thank you for letting me share some things from my bag of tricks...Enjoy your FRIDAY!  TGIF!  *Lindsay*LaLa*

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  1. Yeah!!! I love the Urban Decay pallet of eye shadows and the primer is a fav of mine. I can't wait to try the All Nighter! Thanks girls!!