Monday, May 7, 2012

Sweet Potatoes!!

Hey All! So my cousin Sara text me today and asked if there were any foods I thought she should get to help her get through the week and my first thought was sweet potatoes! They are my new favorite food to ea throughout the week for lunches or a quick dinner. They are common in all the grocery stores and are right next to the white potatoes. I LOVE sweet potatoes because they are so super tasty, highly nutritious and so versatile! I bring them to work or have them throughout the week with different toppings and it makes a super yummy, fast and easy dinner. Why eat a regular potato when you can have a SWEET potato! Delicious!

Sweet Potatoes cook in the microwave or oven like a normal potato but need to be in a little longer depending on the size. Just cook em and then top with a ton of toppings. Sweet potatoes are honestly good plain with some salt and pepper if you don't have other things available but if you want to get wild, some of my favorite quick and easy toppings are:

Light sour cream - Daisy brand is my favorite
Cinnamon and sugar (and butter!)
Spicy chili 
Top it with your favorite kind of soup - I like broccoli cheese or tomato!
Cottage Cheese (seriously, it's good)
Black Beans and cheese and even salsa for a Southwestern feel
Herbed goat cheese - one of my FAVS. Check out how yum this looks! It's a healthy lunch if you add a steamed veggie!

There are also a lot of more fun ways to make your potato if you have time and want to get creative. At a burger place, I always order sweet potato fries if I am going to eat fries and they are on the menu. You can make them at home in the oven really easily. SO good.

Mashed sweet potatoes are also REALLY good. You don't need to add as much butter and milk to get that creamy consistency because sweet potatoes are naturally creamy.

 When I was in Chicago in December, I ordered some sweet potato, fig, and goat cheese pizzas. They were heaven! These could be easy to make at home for an awesome appetizer or dinner.

Dessert sweet potatoes are always comforting and delicious. Try topping them with anything sweet like honey, cinnamon and sugar, or marshmallows and pecans! Doesn't this look amazeballs? It's easy too!

If you have kids, start them early on sweet potatoes. They will love them. I know what I will be having for my lunches this week - I made a batch of chili and picked up some potatoes and they are baking now. Potatoes reheat nicely! YUM!

Sweet potatoes are inexpensive, nutritious and so easy. That's what I like. It's pretty effortless and I always have some kind of topping in my house that works on them. If you haven't tried them, seriously do it. If you tried them years ago and think you don't like them, try them again...our taste buds regenerate every couple years so you might like them this time around!

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