Friday, May 4, 2012

High Five for Friday!

Hey Friends! Happy Friday! I haven't done a High Five for Friday in a couple weeks and I have a lot to be thankful for so it's time! (as always, in NO particular order)

1) This week was filled with time with great friends. Since I am not working as much, I am soaking in every second I can. It's still new to me to just "hang" and doing it with friends is nice. Saturday, Vicky needed some time away from her boyfriend and asked to tag along with me on my errands and we ended up having an amazing time. I just love hanging with people I am comfortable with and that I can be 100% myself and they love me for it. It's good for my soul. Sunday, Britney and I saw a matinee with Zac Efron (uh YUM!!) and we had a blast drooling over that perfect specimen. Sunday night my parents came over for dinner and I made some great food and had fun connecting with my parents. Monday I went on a walk with my neighbor Kirsten and Wednesday I went to my friend Karen's kiddos soccer practice. I try and surround myself with people who inspire me, make me laugh, I can just talk to, and know me in and out and I am so thankful for those people. 

2) My earring project! I just love all the pictures the beautiful women are posting and my album is so precious to me! If you haven't read about my project, here is a link to the album: album

It's amazing how much I have enjoyed wearing my simple earrings! I used to be a total jewelry snob when I started working in a jewelry store and now I'm over it, I love it all. Especially pieces with meaning - like the earrings.

3) I have been working super hard eating cleanly and walking everyday to get off some of the weight I gained while being romanced earlier this year and I WANT IT GONE! I want to start FRESH! I hate feeling self conscious. I have really committed to this. This week I lost .8 which is great for me. I get a to eat a lot on my plan so the weight comes off slowly but it stays off and I get to lead a somewhat normal life. I was able to slip on a dress which two weeks ago I couldn't zip! Wearing this tomorrow at the Kentucky Derby party downtown: 

4) I had a fun photo session with my beloved  English Bulldog Audry which I sent the pictures to have art work made for my house. I am giving my place a slow mini makeover and loving it. I am painting next and getting my guest room done but starting with new pictures in my living room and bedroom. Here are a few of my favorites from the shoot. I am obsessed with her face in the last one! 

5) I am loving the old school rap mix I made to cruise to work listening to. It really gets me going in the morning! It's fun to pull up at a light and be belting out, "Grab your dicks if you love hip hop" or be testifying about how I came out of the hood...a blonde white girl in a white Porsche. It's pretty funny.  People are like, "WTF?"

What are you thankful for? 
Have an amazing Friday Lovers.


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